Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zoom! Zoom!

Yesterday at 5:15 p.m., my husband Sam came home and rocked my blogging world!  He walked in the door with a new computer for me!  Is he awesome or what??!!  He has been really supportive of my blogging efforts in so many ways, but this one is over the top!
Check it out:
I know that his parents (my sainted in-laws) mentioned to him that I might need a new computer...oh yes, they are supportive and awesome as well!  How lucky am I?  (Thank you C&V!)
For those of you who don't know, I have been working with a very old computer that is just a notch or two above dial-up speed.  Can you imagine the untold hours I've spent trying to link up to parties or load pictures in to my blog???  (And let me just say here that when I comment on your project, my constant mantra is, "Please don't make me prove I'm a robot, Please don't make me prove I'm a robot..."  It just takes sooooo much longer to keep trying to retype those two words.  I'm joining in with a multitude of bloggers to say, " Please turn off your word verification!!  You don't need it and it keeps so many people from commenting on your otherwise wonderful project.) morning will be much different now and I should have some more time for crafting, visiting my in-laws, cooking, playing with my dogs....all that stuff that makes me just as happy as blogging does!  Yay!!
But first.....I'm heading to town to get a wireless mouse and a computer case!  A different, but fun kind of accessory shopping!
Thank you so much Sam!
Here's to faster blogging! 
Zoom, Zoom!

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