Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring At Silo Hill Farm

Wow! All it took was a little rain for spring to come to our farm. Let me share a some pictures of what's blooming here and then I'll tell you some news.
Redbud Trees
May Apples
Johnny Jump-Ups

 Now, on to a little news!  First......and this is big news for me.....I learned to drive the tractor!!!!
Oh I have wanted to do this forever!!  (We're so busy, no one has had time to teach me!)  It was so much fun, but a little nerve-racking.  I wanted to do it right and there is so much to watch out for and so many gears and levers to handle.  I'm sure it will get easier.  Being careful is the most important part.
Anyway, we are cleaning up the fire rings from last years Pumpkin Patch activities.  (If you want to know more about our Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze, you can visit our website here.

We took a field trip to Morgan County Seed on Thursday and bought seeds to start planting our pumpkins.  We like to get our seeds there because they sell non-GMO seeds and that is important to us here at Silo Hill Farm.  (We are NOT fans of Monsanto.)  We did get some good seeds and can't wait for our customers to see what kind of pumpkins we're growing this season! 

Anyway, the trip to buy seed was about 2 1/2 hrs. long and we packed a picnic lunch and stopped at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  I had never been there and it is a very interesting place.  Apparently at one time a gentleman named Robert Snyder bought 5,000 acres in early 1900 and planned to build his "dream home" on it.  He died 1 year after building started.  20 years later his sons picked up where he left off and they built this crazy huge castle out of limestone, in the middle of nowhere. They even built their own limestone water tower!  Twenty years after that it all burned down and left only the limestone shell.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of what was once a dream  home:
Limestone Water Tower

 This was the front of the home  The round circle in the front was a huge fountain.
This is a picture looking through the center of the house.  Don't you wish you could have seen it when it was new?
I have a lot more pictures, but I won't load up my page with them now.

I'll leave you with a few more pictures of the farm.  Here are my 2 dogs hanging out down by the creek yesterday:

They were so happy to go for a swim in our creek!!  And, it looks so pretty after a good rain!
Happy Sunday!


  1. such great photos
    especially of the ruins

    and yay for you learning
    to drive that big ole tractor!


    1. Thanks Alison! That was an interesting place and as for the tractor...It was a blast, that I'm sure will soon turn into lots of work!!!

  2. Hi, Danni, you certainly are blessed to have a little piece of paradise where you are! Congrats on learning to drive that tractor! I'm impressed!