Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Traded Blogs with Someone!

A while back I signed up for "Trading Blogs" over at Serendipity & Spice  I was so nervous because I had never done any kind of guest posting before.  (I have two more coming of them will be on Monday.)  If you get a chance to do a guest post, you should give it a try.  First of's fun!  Secondly, as a rule, I have found everyone in my blog world to be really kind, helpful and especially patient, so really, there is nothing to fear.  And last, but certainly not least, it gives you and your blog some exposure to new, talented people and you might just make some new friends and followers. Go visit some of these creative people who traded blogs and see what else they've done.  (If you don't know Melissa, hop on over to Serendipity & Spice and check out some of her posts.....she's always coming up with something fun!)
Here is Melissa's wrap up from her first Trading Blogs party. I say first, because I hope she'll do it again.........................

Trading Blogs 
was a complete success!

I've received feedback from everyone about the amazing time they had and the wonderful new friendships that have been made.  I went to visit everyone's projects and they were FABULOUS!

I wanted to make sure that you guys get to join in on the party too- since that's who all the posts are for!

Trading Blogs was a sort of blog party that I hosted where everyone signed up to be partnered with a blog to trade for the day.  We wrote guest posts and were featured on our partner's blog for the day.

Here are the posts:
Please go check them out and leave some comment love!

Steph from Pumpkin Loves visited Creating Amazing and shared some adorable baby shower gifts- even the packaging is super cute!

Sarah from Creating Amazing headed over to Pumpkin Loves and shared an adorable birthday celebration!

Jenny from The NY Melrose Family visited Claiming Our Space and shared some St. Patty's Day treats - even though St. Patty's Day has now past this is still a cute idea for Spring!

Kristina from Claiming Our Space went to The NY Melrose Family and shared an amazing and unique way to preserve childhood treasures- you must see this!

Zoe from Scout's Stitches headed over to White Lights on Wednesday and shared a wonderful tutorial on making Jute Letters.

So, of course, Julie from White Lights on Wednesday went to Scout's Stitches and made some yummy Chai Latte Cupcakes (Do I hear Starbucks calling for the recipe?!)
I treked over to Adventures of Our Fami-Ly and shared my Easter Flower Pot.
 Sarah from Adventures of Our Family visited us here at Serendipity and Spice to share her super easy peasy ADORABLE no sew pillow!
 Danni with Silo Hill Farm headed over to The Simple Things and shared her so stinkin cute Spring Banner.

Lastly Kristin from The Simple Things visited Silo Hill Farm and shared an adorable DIY stencil grocery bag.

Please go show these girls some comment love!
It takes courage to post on someone else's blog and these women did a fantastic job!

So what do you say.... will you participate in the next Trading Blogs party?

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  1. I did have a blast Danni! There will definitely be a second one- probably the end of April! :)