Friday, March 9, 2012

Something Good and Not So Good

I had a crazy day yesterday.  I was so excited to get my new laptop, but then I couldn't get online with it.  UGHHHHH!  Two trips to town and almost 24 hours later....I still can't get online with it. 
It reminds me of the Christmas when I got a "Baby Alive" doll. When I got her out of the packing and shoved that bottle in her mouth to see her drink it "just like a real baby"........the skin on the side of her face ripped, showing all of the mechanics inside and it was just moving up and down and up and down!!  I was horrified! Of course being Christmas, everything was closed through the weekend. new doll for me on Christmas weekend.  (What a whiner I am, but hey.....I was a lucky little girl with the hottest doll on the market that year!)
O.K.  Maybe this laptop thing won't be that bad, but I feel like for the money, it should be cooking my dinner for me!!
But......a really good thing happened yesterday as well.  In the middle of my craziness, my package from the Package Pal Exchange at C.R.A.F.T. that I signed up for arrived!!

It couldn't have come at a better time!  I sure needed the boost and let me just tell you it was packed full of wonderfulness!!  I plan to show you what was inside this weekend, so stay tuned........
Right now, I'm off to play with some of the stuff that I received and I'll worry about my computer issues tomorrow!
Hope someone or something makes your day special today!

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