Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I Want To Do Today

There are so many things that I want to do today!  Yesterday we had record-breaking temperatures here and I had to be inside.  Not so today.  It's going to be in the 80's and I have a huge list of things I want to do today.
  1. Go to the greenhouse at Lowe's and look at flowers and garden stuff.
  2. Go to Hobby Lobby and get a few things for some upcoming projects.
  3. Stop by a thrift store or two and see what I might find for some inspiration.
  4. Go shopping for some new tennis shoes.
  5. Go grocery shopping.
  6. Cook something wonderful.
  7. Plant some pansies.
  8. Finish a project that I'm working on for a guest blog.
  9. Get out on my Nature Trail and see what kind of spring things are blooming down at my creek.


But.....there are some things that I have to do today instead.
  1. Burn off my fields and help burn at my father-in-laws.  (This is actually kind of fun and something we have to do every spring. But it can get intense because you don't want a fire to get out of control if the wind kicks up.) It's a farm thing.
  2. Clean off my deck and get it ready to stain. 
  3. Pick up all of the sticks in my yard that the crazy wind has been blowing down so I can mow tomorrow. (I have a huge yard and mowing takes about 3 hours.)
  4. Clean out my flower pots. (Should have done that in the fall, but I didn't get to it.)
  5. Dig up a few shrubs that I planted last year that just didn't survive our wicked heat.
Here is a picture of 2 of our fields so that you can see the scope of the burn project.
(You can also see a couple of our corn mazes if you look closely.)

So, I guess I'll compromise and get most of the the things that I have to do done and see where I end up.  The burning is the most important, but if it's too windy, we can't burn and then I'll have more time for the rest of it.


  1. Wow, your have to do list sounds like you are one competent woman! Love the corn mazes.
    good luck with the burning, hope you will get to do some shopping too soon :-)
    lots of love

  2. We have to do that burn thing too.


  3. I'm tired just reading BOTH your to do lists! Let me know what vitamins you take. :)

  4. Love your "want to do" list. Sounds good to me. That is a great picture of your fields. I never heard of burning them. Why do you do that? Does it enhance the soil? Good luck with your "have to do" list. I hope it goes quickly so you can get to the other, more important list. :)

    1. It serves a couple of purposes. It kills off all of the dead stuff, i.e. weeds, dry grass, old cornstalks (we don't harvest our corn, but leave it for the deer to have all winter). It is also helpful in reducing fire risk by not allowing a thick layer of "fuel or tinder" to build up. It's a more natural way to help reduce things you don't want growing in your field as opposed to using chemicals.

  5. Your want to do list is just like mine, but I have housework to do, so it will have to wait! We still have some snow on the ground here too! Angie xo

  6. Both lists sound pretty ambitious! I hope you get to do at least one thing from your "want" list today!