Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patrick's Pitcher & Plate

I'm so looking forward to spring and I'm already working on a few spring projects.  However, I do have a few St. Patrick's Day ones left to share.  I've had a little pitcher and plate for a long time and they are usually sitting around my kitchen somewhere.  I wanted to dress them up a little for St. Patrick's Day.  The little plate is a little too plain for my taste.

Feeling extremely lazy on this particular day, I did the obvious and just laced a green ribbon through the rim of it.
No brainer, right?  This took all of maybe 5 minutes.
It might be a little too country for my taste.  But, it was a St. Patrick's Day decoration that I was going for here, so I wanted to add something else to it that was also maybe not so permanent.  You can probably guess where I went!  Yep....straight for the Gel Gems!  I can't help myself sometimes.  Sorry.
And of course, I shamelessly did exactly the same thing with the little pitcher because, as I said, I was feeling particularly lazy that day!
You gotta admit, it's cute.  Very temporary, very St. Patrick's, and cute.
They're even cuter when you see them together:
  We are having our first spring shower this morning.  I know it's not spring yet, but it's warm and it's raining and it feels like spring.  I'm going to go stand under the eave on my deck and just watch it for awhile. 

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