Friday, May 25, 2012

Polka Dot Vase Holder

I have been wanting to make a little flower holder for a long time.  I see a lot of them that hang on the wall.  My walls already have plenty hanging on them.  I wanted one that could stand up on a shelf.  I also wanted something bright and happy for summer.  I may have gone overboard:
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But the best part of this project, isn't the finished project.  It's something I learned from this lady right here:
This is Tonia.  Her blog is called The Gunny Sack.  I love her blog.  She has some great projects as well as a fun link party
But the post that really caught my eye lately was this:

Aren't those beautiful?  Believe it or not, they are made from tissue paper! 
Please, go check out Tonia's blog, because I'm not going to tell you how she did this.  What I am going to say is I used this tutorial to make some of my own tape.  I didn't use tissue paper, because I wanted to use this fabric that I had:
Yep....her tutorial works on fabric as well as tissue paper!  The possibilities are now endless!
So, on to my project.
I got this little crate.  It kind of looks like a mini pallet.
I took some of it apart to use the wood.  I can say that it was a pain to dismantle, much like a pallet!
As I said, I wanted to make a vase holder that would stand on it's own.  I reassembled the pieces of wood so that they ended up looking like this:
I painted it yellow to match my fabric, and I drilled two holes in it to wire the vase through.
Oh....that awesome tube that I'm using for a vase?  It arrived in the U.S. Mail from my best friend Judy in Arizona with a note that said her husband threw it away and she fished it out of the trash for me because it just screamed "project".  I love her!!  Her husband, Larry, makes his own beer (awesome) and apparently Brewers Yeast comes in these tubes.  She'll be saving them all for me now!
OK...back to the project.....
So I had all of these nail holes and here is where Tonia's tutorial came in.  I made my fabric tape and covered the holes with strips of it.  Then I added some strips to the vase itself.  I used some tacky glue to embellish it with a few buttons and some ribbon.
Now my vase holder is beginning to look happier.
All it needed now was some flowers.  Of course, it was late at night and I didn't have any fancy flowers, so I made a few.  I did a quick tutorial on how to do this HERE.
Now, although these flowers were fun and happy-looking, I did think they were a bit over-the-top for this vase.  I'll find some better ones later.
Thank you Tonia, for your awesome tutorial.  You've inspired me many times and I'm sure you'll do it again!  Thank you Judy, for seeing a project in what would have been're the best!  In the mean time....I'm enjoying a bit of whimsy every time I pass by this vase!
Hope you find something whimsical in your day!


  1. Make your own washi tape? Woohoo. We don't have Target here (yet) so I've been at a loss for washi tape. Love your summery vase and big kisses to Judy for saving that vase thing, lol.

  2. How cute! Your friend Judy was very sweet to save the tube and send it to you! And thanks for the mention!

  3. I really don't think those flowers are over the top. It all says, "happy, sunny, fun" to me! ~ Maureen

  4. Girl, you crack me up! This is so über cute it makes my teeth hurt! LOVE it. And only Dani would be able to whip up her own flowers at a moments notice too. I have to ask, where'd ya get the wooden box? Everyone but me seems to be able to score pallets and boxes!

    Miss ya kiddo, drop by and say hi when you can.
    Maureen H.

  5. Endless possibilities! I love that your friend fished that tube out of the garbage for you. You must be inspiring everyone you meet to look at things in a whole new way :)