Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jewelry of a Different Kind

So now that my craft room is all cleaned up and organized I thought it would be safe to break out some beads.  I'm not much of a jewelry maker, but I do love the sparkle and shine of beaded stuff.  I try to spread some around my house for my viewing pleasure!
Of course, because I am what I am......I had to sort through some beads before I could start....
I picked up this little spice rack thing back in January when I was pokin around in thrift stores and thought it would be perfect for some of my beads.
It's supposed to hang on the wall, but it actually stands on it's own at a nice angle.  Then I got out some of my tools and supplies.
And then........nothing.  That's right, nothing came to me.  I thought about making a bracelet or a necklace, but I was just drawing a blank.  This must be what writer's block feels like.  I guess I had "crafter's block".  So I thought about things that I like.  The first thing that I thought about was dragonflies.  They just make me smile.  So I made this:
The colors remind me of the blue dragonflies playing in the grass.

I then thought about how I love to sit out at night and watch the stars.  I wanted to use my moon charm.  This is what I came up with:
The little yellow beads remind me of the stars that I love so.

Finally, I thought about how much I love my kitchen.  It's my favorite room in my house. I've lived here 10 years and I haven't changed much in it because I'm still so happy with it. 
The little green beads remind me of the color of my kitchen walls.  The pewter charms remind me of how happy I was to find the fixtures that I wanted in brushed nickel at a great price.

I made the base for these pieces when I was out in Arizona with my friend Judy.  I'll show you how we made them in another post.  We sure had a lot of fun creating them!

So now that I have these, what will I do with them?  I haven't decided yet, but I'm a farm girl and I sure don't wear a lot of jewelry.  My plants do:
And sometimes my walls do:
Even my candles do:
I might actually use this one for a necklace.  I like the idea of thinking about those dragonflies in the grass while I'm wearing it!  Also, I have a shirt that would go really well with it.
On the other looks like it's ready to go into a plant on that cute little holder.  We'll see.
Mostly, today I was just happy to play with my beads!
Have a beautiful Saturday!


  1. Danni - your creations are gorgeous - I love the "dragonfly" inspired one. Looking good girlfriend!!!! xxxx Nat

  2. I can't believe how gorgeous these are. So impressive that you started abstract ideas and moved them into jewelry pieces. So creative. Wow, them all.

  3. These are so great, Danni. I LOVE the it!!!

  4. "I'm not much of a jewelry maker" HA!! Those pieces look pretty darn nice to me!! If you don't want to wear them, this city girl will! :-)

    Have a great weekend!