Sunday, May 20, 2012

Silo Hill Random News

It seems that I have a lot of little things to share this morning from Silo Hill Farm.  First, it was my birthday last weekend and I got these gorgeous flowers and a steak dinner from a good friend.
Aren't they lovely?  They are called "Supertunias...Pretty Much Picasso"  I love them!

I had a birthday luncheon with the ladies in our family.  (We do this for each of our birthdays.)
That's me in the back left.  Across from me is my wonderful Mother-in-Law.  Next to her is my awesome Aunt Jeanne, who is a riot!  Sitting next to me is my fabulous Sister-in-Law, Jen.  We stayed for hours and laughed a lot!  The waiter brought me some of his homemade Limoncello!  Yumm!

I got to spend some time with my one of my Grandson's, Jacob.  He's a tractor-lover and a nut.  Here he is with his "Power Ranger" helmet:
He wanted to take off his Spiderman shirt because he was being a Power Ranger.  Guess we can't go mixing up our Super Hero Persona's!!
I had an interesting visitor to my deck.
It's a Luna Moth.  When he spreads his wings he looks like this:
Looks kind of like an elephant doesn't he?  Or is it just me who sees eyes, floppy ears and a trunk?

There was also this little frog who thinks I can't see him hiding under a rock on my deck rail!

I had another, less welcome visitor: my house!!!!  I've never had a snake in my house before and I have absolutely no idea how he got in.  My lazy dogs are so fired!!!  Sam wasn't home.  I had to deal with Mr. Sneaky Snake myself.

And remember my love of strange rocks?  Can I show you something?
This is a huge rock that was taken out of our pond.  It is LOADED with fossils.  It was so amazing that I had it brought up to my yard via a track-dozer. (It was a long, slow, heavy journey.) It is one piece and you can see several places where water has carved rivulets out of it over thousands of years.  But the fossils.......
I'll try not to bore you, but they are so cool! 
This one has a fish fin in it:
It's crazy how many fossils are in this one rock.

And here's the thing....I have 4 more of them down by the pond.....where they will have to stay, because it's expensive to rent a track dozer.

Well, that's about all the news I have today from Silo Hill Farm.
I'll leave you with this picture of our stone silo, covered in Virginia Creeper.  It turns red in the fall!
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Hope your birthday was wonderful~

  2. Happy Late Birthday!!! I love the flwoers, but purple is one of my favorite colors for flowers! :)
    That rock is amazing!!! Oh the fun me and my boys would have with all those fossils!!!! Great find!

  3. Aw Happy Birthday for last weekend! Glad you had a great lunch. What a cool post - Loved seeing that snake. And That rock would fascinate me for hours. Awesome xxx Nat

  4. Oh wow! happy birthday dear Danni! It sounds like you had a great day! I love the pictures!!! The moth is amazing (wouldn't have thought of an elephant but after you mentioned it, yes, kind of :-) ).
    And those rocks!!!!! Am drooling!

  5. Happy Birthday. How did I not hear it was your birthday? And how did I not hear about that snake? Yikes. What kind of snake is it? Love your luncheon photo and Jacob is a real cutie. And wow,...that fossil rock is amazing. I would have wanted it where I could see it too. Awesome.

  6. HAPPY Belated birthday ! I'm glad it was fantastic . I've been busy planting flowers all weekend , both at home and at our weekend trailer. How's your garden ?

  7. So sorry I didn't know it was your birthday - Happy belated birthday! I am glad you got to go out with family and with a friend. Those flowers are beautiful, such a pretty shade of purple! Your grandson is adorable, I know you enjoyed time with him. The rock is fascinating, I have never seen that many fossils in one place. I bet a museum would pay to move some of the other rocks if you donated some of the fossils to them, just a thought. . .

    Okay, I am phobic is snakes so I nearly fainted when that photo came up, next time some warning please! How did you get him out? What kind of snake was it? When I was living in NC we had them in the yard a lot, so you had to be careful not to get them In them house. I had on trying to get in my French doors one night! I got my neighbor to come and kill it, but it creeped me out for months. UGH! Guess I really am a city girl, huh?

  8. This is so right up my alley. My kids and I love observing nature. Fun!