Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Awesome Moss Wreath - Trading Blogs

Hello lovely readers of Silo Hill Farm.  I am so excited to be trading blogs with Danni today through the:

I'm so glad that I signed up and joined in, because I was able to meet and discover Danni's wonderful blog, Silo Hill Farm. Danni is over at my blog today, Chronic Christian Crafter, sharing one of her amazing tutorials as well!  Love this idea!  Feel free to go check out her tutorial; and while you're at it, feel free to peruse my blog if you like.  I blog about DIY crafts, home decorating, and recipes.  I also try to create blog posts that inspire, encourage and uplift.  

Now, onto the good stuff!!

I LOVE WREATHS!  I don't know what it is lately...but, I have the "wreath bug"...every time I turn around it seems I'm wanting to make another wreath.  (whether is be for another holiday, just an everyday wreath, etc.)  I love them!!!  Today, I'm going to share with you one of my latest wreaths I've created, a moss on grape vine wreath.  

I've seen several versions of moss wreaths floating around Pinterest as well as the blogosphere, and I knew that I wanted to make a moss wreath as an everyday/spring wreath to hang on the mirror on my mantel in my living room.  Recently, I've been hanging some of my wreaths there, and I've loved having a wreath hanging over my antique mirror on the mantel.  Here are the links to some of the tutorials to some of the other wreaths here and here, and I have several other wreath tutorials that can be found on my blog as well (they can be found here).  However, these wreaths were seasonal and holiday and not "year round".  I felt like the moss wreath was a neutral that could be used anytime during the, I got busy!  

I'm going to be completely honest with you here...this project is a little messy, and not the easiest project I've undertaken.  Since the weather has been nice and pretty, I took all of my materials outside, so I wouldn't make a "total mess" indoors.  And, believe me, the moss will make a mess.  However, it is a worthwhile undertaking if you are interested in creating a wreath of your own, and the results are super cute and worth it in the end!

Supplies Needed for Project:
  • Grapevine Wreath (I found this was the best wreath form for adhesion of moss)
  • Moss (I purchased several bags from the Dollar of my favorite craft suppliers.  I check them out first most of the time to see if I can get things cheaper, then go elsewhere.  Big budget saver!)
  • Elmers Spray Adhesive
  • Wired Ribbon for Bow
  • Mini Chalkboard (For embellishment of wreath)
  • Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun (To attach Mini Chalkboard)
  • Trash bags (To assist with clean up)
When I first started out on this project, I planned on working with a styrofoam wreath that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree; however, the adhesive and moss was not sticking to the wreath form AT ALL!  I had more moss on my fingers than on the that wasn't going to work!  No one said that craft projects go perfectly all the time!  So, I went with plan B...I used a grapevine wreath that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree...and with perseverance, the moss adhered to the grapevine wreath.  

The steps to complete this project are fairly self explanatory...biggest hurdle is simply getting the moss to stick to your wreath (and not you)!  I just worked with little sections at a time, spraying my adhesive liberally, placing larger amounts of moss where I had sprayed adhesive and pressing for a few seconds to ensure adhesion.  I continued this around the wreath form.  Occasionally, I would also shake the loose moss free (there will be some).  I went over the layers 3 times to get this thickness, and I was happy with it.

Finally, once moss is completely adhered and dry, I added a bow in a neutral taupe to match the colors in our living room.  Then I took one of my clothespin chalkboards, deconstructed it so that I only had a chalkboard left....and, I added my mini chalkboard onto the wreath with a dollop of hot glue from the hot glue gun.  (This is the part where someone could totally put their own spin on the wreath and personalize however they want...possibilities are endless)!

After adding the word "Home" to the chalkboard, I placed the wreath on its hook on the mirror.  Sometimes "plan B" works out just as well as "plan A" after all:


I want to thank Danni again for allowing me to guest post with her today.  I hope you will stop by and visit me over @ Chronic Christian Crafter.  You can see more of my projects as well as some of my inspirational/encouraging posts.  I also co-host a party every Tuesday called "Toot Your Horn Tuesday" with my lovely friend Debbie @ Debbie Does Creations.  We would love for you to come and share anything you wish to "toot your horn" about.  In addition, I have several ways you can subscribe and follow me if enjoyed reading this post as well as my blog.  I would love to hear from you.  

Thanks again Danni for allowing me to share your space today, and thank you Melissa @ Serendipity and Spice for hosting the Trading Blogs party!



  1. Very pretty and thanks for the heads-up about it being messy, lol.

  2. This looks pretty. Thanks or dropping by Danni's sace today and letting us get to knw ya!