Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Invisible Corn Maze

No children were harmed in creating this post!!!  (But there are some really funny pictures involved!)

 This last week at Silo Hill Farm has been dedicated to planting our corn fields.  In the past, we have "broadcast" our corn, meaning the seed is just kind of scattered, tossed out by a piece of equipment very much like the little hand crank thing you might plant grass seed with, only bigger. When we use this method, the corn is not planted in rows.  This has worked pretty well for us in the past:
We've had some pretty good, tall corn in our maze.
 But we are not ones to leave well enough alone!  This year, we are using a different kind of machine to plant our corn fields.  We're going for some antique technology!
This is a very old "Two Row Corn Planter".  This means it plants 2 rows of corn at a time.  I can tell you that at the time of it's invention, it was quite a piece of farm technology.  Don't you love those metal wheels?  Let me just show you a close up of it in action:
The little disc towards the back end of the tractor makes a little ditch.    The corn seed is in the two bins.  So, it goes like this:  The discs make the ditch, then a corn seed is dropped behind that.  Repeat, until something breaks down:
Fix it, then continue planting corn.  We plant in rows going up and down the field:
Then....we plant in rows going across the field:
Repeat, repeat, repeat for 3 days in 3 fields.
Now pray for rain.  Keep praying for rain all through the hot and humid Missouri summer!
When we are not praying for rain, we are designing the maze.  I can't wait to tell you about that, but for now, let me just share some really fun pictures of my niece, nephew and grandchildren who think it's great fun to play in the corn and make scary faces.
My niece Jess.
My nephew Dain.
My Granddaughter Mikayla.
My Grandson Kyle.

And this crazy picture of the baby balancing the pumpkin on his head?
That's my littlest Grandson Jacob.  He's bigger now, but just as silly.
As for that invisible corn maze?  It's right here.....
You can't see it because it's invisible, silly.  But it will be popping up soon!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I cant wait to see the Maze when its grown - funny kids too xx Nat

  2. lol! This is exactly what i meant. Love this post!! And what gorgeous machinery :-).
    are you done yet with the planting? can see that you need a LOT of patience when being a farmer...
    Will pray for rain with you. Here, it normally helps to hang the washing outside, wash the car, plan a barbecue to which you invite 50 people, and water the garden. Then a little rain dance and you are done!

  3. Great pics. Can't wait to see the maze!


  4. We have had so much rain here lately ! I wish I could send some your way. I haven't gotten my tomatoes in the ground , too wet :( Oh well . I'm so impressed you do a corn maze , I know they are a ton of work ! Can't wait to see it's progress !

  5. Love the, "keep going 'til something breaks down"! I have a granddaughter who puts everything and anything on her head, too. Great post! ~ Maureen

  6. You farmers work so hard. I love the photos of the kids - they are hilarious.

  7. Danni, great pictures of the kids. Enjoy them cuz they grow up so fast. I want to come down and walk through the fields too! Especially when the maze is ready. :) I hope you get the rain you need, but not too much. I also wanted to mention that I love all the arrowheads and rocks you find when you till the fields. What a great piece of history you own!

  8. Your life is so cool, for real! I love the antique farming equipment too. Oh, and one of the scariest moments of my *ahem* adult life was being in a haunted corn maze that lasted about 45 minutes. It was terrifying!

  9. Danni,

    Every morning I find your post in my inbox and it always makes me smile! Today was no exception! Your grand kids, nieces and nephews, etc. . . Are adorable! The picture with the pumpkin in the head. . . LMAO! I can't wait to see how the corn maze turns out. It must be a lot of work, but so cool to have once it is done.

    It is also neat getting a glimpse into your life and the hard work that goes not farming. Thanks so much for making my day, everyday!


  10. The photos give new meaning to children of the corn.