Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm at the NorthShore in New Zealand Today!!

I'm at the NorthShore in New Zealand today! 
Doesn't that sound like I'm at a beach??  Oh how I wish I was!  But I'm somewhere just as nice.......I'm guestposting over at NorthShore Days for my friend Natalie, who really does live there!  I'm so jealous!  Natalie  is so nice and her blog is full of wonderful beachy projects that just make me swoon with envy!  Just check out these Beachy Candles:
Awesome right?!  She also has some great recipes, gorgeous jewelry, fabulous makeovers and some of the cutest kids you'll ever see!
So, if you want to see my latest project, hop on over to NorthShore Days and see what I made for my first summer project!  While you're there, check out some of Natalies projects and be sure to follow her so you don't miss something fabulous!  Thanks Natalie, you are so sweet!


  1. How lovely, on my way to see your project now!

  2. You had me believing you were on vacation. :) I'm on my way over.

  3. Oh no, I knew we'd lose ya to the beach one day. . . . I am on my way over to bring ya back, I mean read your post!

  4. Okay, I am back and you made beautiful art, you also made me realize that I don't NEED Tim Holtz products to create beautiful things! Your framed art came out beautifully using what you had on hand! I love that you know to do that! Thanks for sharing and come back to your blog, we misses ya when you roam!

  5. Thanks so much for guest posting Danni - I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I think we may need a wee chat soon. Will send you an e xxx Nat