Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bloggers I Admire: Tuula at The Thrifty Rebel

It's Wednesday and I have a great blogger to share with you today!  If you don't already know Tuula from The Thrifty Rebel, you are in for a treat because she is a delight and her blog is full of inspiring ideas!  
Here are a few of Tuula's favorite posts and then I'll share some of her projects that I fell in love with!
These Coffee Pot Wind Chimes  have had me searching thrift stores for  an awesome pot because I just know my hostas would look as good as Tuula's do if I only had one!  She did an awesome tutorial on this so I know I can make one myself.  So cool!
Coffee Pot Wind Chimes
You all know how I love making things out of everyday items that might otherwise be thrown in the trash?  Well never in a million years could I have come up with these cute pumpkins......
Shower Curtain Ring Pumpkins
For you DIY people, let me just tell you that Tuula is NOT afraid of power tools...check out this fabulous built in shelf she made for her craft room....
Built In Craft Room Book Case
 Those are all great projects and hopefully you've already found something to love about Tuula's blog.  Now let me show you a few of my favorite projects she's done.
Pretty In Pink Vanity and Mirror Makeover
Since I'm going to do a few furniture pieces myself this year, I'm loving this vanity and mirror makeover.  Can you believe she found them for $2 and $4, respectively?  Go take a look at the before shots and you'll appreciate this project even more.

DIY Birdbath
 Tuula has a green thumb and I love looking at any pictures that include her garden.  This project involved turning an old lamp into a bright, funky bird bath.  Again...I know if I just put some fun like this into my flowers, they would be happy and beautiful.

Garden Chandelier
 Another awesome example of some great garden decor to make your flowers ecstatic!  Don't you love this?  I so want one! 

Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday
Did I mention that Tuula is funny??  Get a peek into her sense of humor as well as her homemade greenhouse with her Tongue in Cheek Tuesday post!
Impressionist Decorated Night Table
 This bright and beautiful night table was an amazing makeover in my opinion, but it caused Tuula a little stress, (well this and some thrift store paint) and inspired her to come up with a whole new theme for a bedroom makeover.  You can read about that HERE.
The theme is...French Caribbean and I'm going to be watching this work in progress because if anyone can pull it's going to be Tuula!  She's starting today on her blog with this....... 
French Caribbean Mirror
Well, I could go on and on, because The Thrifty Rebel is full of tons of affordable inspiration, but I'll let you go over and find out for yourself now.  Be sure to tell her I said "hello" or "bonjour" or "Hey Mon!" or whatever greeting goes along with French Caribbean!!
Thank you for letting me feature you here today Tuula...your blog inspires me on a regular basis! 



  1. I love when you feature bloggers I know. Tuula is a blogger with a big heart. She leaves sweet comments and creates beautiful things...using power tools!!!

  2. YAY Tuula!!! ( a fellow Canuck !!! - long live the maple leaf lmho )
    Tuula is amazing - inspirational - beautiful - and the list goes on and on...............
    Danni - don't you have a pumpkin sitting in your pantry?

  3. How lovely, one of my favorite bloggers features another of my favorite bloggers! Thank you Danni :-)

  4. Thank you for choosing Tuula - I love her blog and have been following her for months. I am very anxious to see the French Caribbean guest room.

    Hey, I am with Suzan, don't you have a pumpkin in your laundry room to stick maybe bunnies in for Easter?

  5. Bonjour Danni! You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for featuring me today. You have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me, and I am truly honoured. I treasure your friendship, and I promise to keep trying to cause you to spit out your coffee! lol.

  6. Looks like you've picked a good one, everything showcased here looks fabulous!

  7. Danni you did it again. You bring out the best in people. Tuula is one of my favorite bloggers, too! It amazes me what she can do with things and this is such a wonderful post on her accomplishments!

  8. I do love that birdbath! Must head over there and check it out.

  9. Wow!! I am soooo going to follow her blog...what super cool creativity! I have to say that in the first few seconds when I saw her photo I thought she was my sister-in-law!! For real! :)))

  10. I love her creativity and sense of humor! Thanks for highlighting her Danni!

  11. Thanks for this feature Danni, I didn't know Tuula before this. You're right, she's one talented gal. I'll definitely head over to her blog. This is such a sweet idea, spreading alittle blogger love! How nice. :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  12. I love Tuula, she is so lovely and an amazing craft/diyer!

  13. Danni, thanks for introducing me to excited to get to know her! Have a great day!

  14. I love Tuula too! She has the most interesting fun projects.

  15. I met Tuula via our TICT. I think? She either did a post or left me a comment, but with a name like Tuula I'm sure.


  16. I've been following Tuula and love here blog. But how did I miss a few of these? Great featured posts, Danni!
    Debbie :)