Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Wednesdays "Bloggers I Admire" posts are some of my very favorite posts to write!  The blog world constantly amazes me with all of the talent and creativity it holds and Linda @ With a Blast is one creative blogger.  I never know when I visit her blog if I'm going to want to grab my glue gun, my paint brush, my hammer or my spatula, because Linda does it all and she does it in South Africa!
 I love her blog and her projects.  She also has a great new "All My Bloggy Friends" link party with another great blogger, Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes.  It's a great party so when you're finished reading this post, head on over and link something up!  You can get to the party by clicking on the image below.
Now, please take a look at some of Linda's favorite posts, and then I'll show you a few of her projects that I love!

First up is this  beautiful bench that she made out of an old toy box, which is very cool...but you won't believe what that back is made out of...
Blanket Box Bench
 The next time you're throwing a party, you're going to want to give this 90 Minute Sweet Party Platter a try!  Six different fillings, all on one post, using those pre-made frozen mini pastry shells you always see in the freezer section and want to try.  Just click the link below the picture and "pin it" straight from Linda's blog!  You'll be glad you me!
90 Minute Sweet Party Platter
 These candles are the cutest and they started out as some fairly boring containers.  With Linda in the house, they sure didn't stay boring for long!
Easy DIY Candles
All of the above are just fabulous projects that Linda chose to share with you.  Now, please let me show you a few of her projects that I love.
With summer coming on, I'm in the mood for salads and when Linda posted this salad last year, I knew it would be one that I would make over and over.  It's so easy and has everything I love in it!
Avocado, Cherry Tomato and Corn Salad
 Now this next project is in my all time favorite DIY Hall of Fame Projects!!  Seriously....who wouldn't love a little extra storage space and this project gives you plenty!  I can think of a couple of places I could use this.....
DIY Grocery Slider
I'm pretty sure that Linda is responsible for a few of the extra pounds I have put on in the last year, so when she posted this recipe, I was pretty happy because, it's not only delicious, but it's got some yogurt in it and that makes it healthy right?
Polenta Cake with Orange Syrup
Finally, I couldn't post about Linda, without showing you one of her amazing "Smash Cakes"...
Valentine's Smash Cake
Uh huh....a chocolate heart filled with chocolate candy...what's not to love here?!  
Yep....Linda makes some  really great stuff!  I'm working on a knock off of one of her projects this week and hope to share it with you soon!  So if you want to see some more awesome projects from halfway around the world...head over to With A Blast and check out Linda's blog.  While your there, don't forget to link up a project at her party!
Thank you Linda, for all of the inspiration (and a pound or two!) that you've given me!  Thanks for being such a good blog friend too!  You're awesome!      


  1. 2 of my favs two weeks in a row, I love Linda even if she is trying to make me eat more cake than I should!

  2. That grocery slider is awesome! What great projects Linda has shared.

  3. I agree. Linda's blog is one of my many favs. She is very creative and obviously talented.
    Also, I love these posts. Being a new blogger, it is so nice to see how experienced bloggers appreciate each other.

  4. Thank you so much, Danni! You are way too kind ;-) Think I am going to print and frame this post ! Thanks again, Danni - you are an amazing friend as well and have taught me a thing or two {like re-using something for different occasions - but I am still slow in that department}

  5. Wow, seriously cute ideas! I hope you are making a smash cake. :)

  6. The kitchen storage thingy makes me wish there was room in my tiny kitchen!for it.

  7. Everything does look great, I'm headed over there now. :)

  8. What a great post Danni! That grocery slider is amazing, and I'm definitely going to make that salad this summer. I already follow Linda, but I missed some of these so I'll have to go check them out. I'm in awe of the smash cakes!!!

  9. I love these posts of yours. You are such a supportive and encouraging blogger always the first to promote and inspire fellow bloggers. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Linda before so thank you for doing such a beautiful job introducing her to all of us.

  10. Love Linda and With A Blast! Great post :)

  11. Lovely post hun - I've just connected with Linda so this was great timing xx

  12. So happy to find another cool blog! I'm heading over there now, with a cup of coffee :)
    Thanks Danni, for sharing your faves!

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  14. Thanks for introducing me to this blog, Danni! Love the bench, now to go find out what the back is...see if I guessed right. Oh, and that smash cake? Never heard of them, but how cool! :)