Thursday, July 12, 2012

Z Gallerie Hack Off!! Are you Game???

Arghhhhhh!  This heat has got to let up!  (Insert desired expletive here.)  Okay, that's all I'm saying about this constant, crazy, lack of rain, way-too-hot weather.  On to more fun topics.  My friend Sunny at Life in Rehab has thrown down the gauntlet!  She is having a Z Gallerie Hack-Off and I'm rising to the challenge!
 I have never done a Hack Off before, but I do love Z Gallerie and I can't refuse a challenge!  If you are in a craft rut because of this crazy-wicked heat, maybe you should join in and give it a try!! You can get all of the details (and the above button) HERE.

 You can read about Sunny's inspirational trip to Z Gallerie HERE.  Which inspired a challenge by Steff, from Three Bed Semi, which started the whole thing.  

Now I'm challenging all of you to join in and have some fun!  So come on.....knock off Z Gallerie and show your awesome talents during the week of June 23!

Here are a few photos from Sunny's Inspiration Point: Glitzy Z Gallerie post to get you inspired, but really she posted a ton of cool photos to help motivate you and you should go check them all'll find a project among them to inspire you I'm sure!

Really....there area some lovely things goin on at Z Gallerie, so get your craft on and knock something off, hack it and then show it've got a couple of weeks to do this!!  You know it will be a blast.  ARE YOU GAME?   (Don't make me do this alone!)


  1. I'm game - especially the beachy stuff. Do Z gallery have an online catalogue? I will google and see what I find. Ooooh exciting! Thanks for this Danni xx Nat

  2. I am a HUGE fan of Z gallerie just not their prices. I can wait to be inspired!

  3. Hey, Danni, thanks for being so excited about the Hack Off! This is going to be hysterical, and a a lot of fun!

    Ladies, any friend of Danni's is a friend of mine!

  4. I've never heard of Z Gallerie. Can't wait to see what you make.

  5. I hadn't ever heard of Z Gallerie until Sunny mentioned it, either. I'm in as long as I can find my supplies. I'm looking!!!

  6. Woot! The more, the merrier and you seem just the right kind of crazy gal. Can't wait for the par- tay to start and see you dance on the table!

  7. Can't wait to see what you make. I know it will be great!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're so sweet!