Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 I love pallet projects!  I have been crushing on them for years.    I even have a pallet that I've had hanging out in my yard for a year.  A couple of months ago, while my son was visiting I asked him to bring it up by the house, thinking I would finally get busy and do something with it.  
It's in pretty good shape.  I look at it every time I pass by it.  But....I have been intimidated by it, which makes me kind of mad, because I'm not really easily intimidated.  

So when my friend Kelly at livelaughrowe.com made some awesome pallet projects, I commented that my pallet was still leaning up against my house....just waiting.  Well, being the wonderful person that she is, she challenged me to face my fears and make a project by September 1st!  Now I'm the kind of girl who appreciates that kind of challenge, especially when it comes from someone I respect as much as I do Kelly.  I agreed to do it.  I'm saying it out loud here, just to make sure I do, because I'm also the kind of girl who keeps her promises.  Check out these projects that the fabulous Kelly did......

Now I haven't decided what to do for my project yet, but I'm sure thinking about a lot of things, like maybe a couple of cool shelves like these:

I like some of the bigger ones, but my husband has informed me that they would have to be mounted in studs, which means they might not be able to be put exactly where I want, which means they might not be centered, which means it would drive me crazy.  (He knows me so well!)
This seems like a very practical use for a pallet:
I couldn't find a source for this, but if anyone knows, I'll be happy to credit it!

If you have a favorite pallet project, now would be the time to share it with me, because I have to make up my mind pretty soon and then start dragging out some power tools because, I made a promise to a friend!

Thanks Kelly for making me face my fears and get my butt moving.  September 1st it is!  If my project is half as awesome as yours are, I'll be a happy girl! 

If for some crazy, odd reason, you don't know Kelly's blog, livelaughrowe.com, go check it out, she makes some killer stuff and also has a great Link Party....
 Now, I'm off to the shed to see if I can recognize the sawsall, which my husband assures me we have.  


  1. Can't wait to see it when you're done. Good luck.


  2. You can do it, Danni! I'm sure it will be something incredible as always. Pallets are a lot of fun! :) Megan

  3. Stop being intimidated and start being crafty! :D That silly old pallet's got nothing on you.
    Aw, before you get going, that link to the livelaughrowe blog is missing a little e before the dotcom ;)

  4. Woot!! YAY!! Super excited to see what you come up with :) Thanks for mentioning LLR too. Hugs, friend! Have a fabulous day!!

    1. p.s. That is one good looking pallet too! I'm a wee bit jealous :)

  5. A pallet project! I've always wanted to do one, even though I have no idea what I would make either.

    Can't wait to see what you make! Now, go show that pallet who's boss!

  6. I would definitely make a planter... and a cool shelf, as well!

  7. I can't wait to see what you make. You found some great inspiration. Knowing you, whatever you make will inspire the rest of us :)

  8. Wow I have the same problem... I have a perfectly good pallet just begging to be made into something great.. Good luck with the project planning :)

  9. I look forward to seeing what you decide on. I have tons of pallet projects pinned on a pinterest board but they are mixed in with a bunch of other stuff. I should make a board just for pallet projects. Happy Pallet transforming...I'm rooting for you!

  10. Danni- I saw a photo on Pinterest of a rustic coffee table someone made with a pallet. They put casters on the bottom and a piece of glass on top. Your pallet is nice because it has the slats close together so you may be able to get away without a piece of glass. I like all the ideas you put on your post. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do.

  11. All right,...there's nothing like a challenge to get you going, is there, lol. I'll have to go check out some projects and get to you with some suggestions.

  12. Well I certainly know what it is like to be frozen in the land of ideas. Just break the ice and make something simple that you know you will use - like maybe those boxes/planters. It's not like this one pallet is the only one in the world - if you decide you want something else you can get another pallet! FYI - in regards to the hanging thing - if you put your pallet hangers in the studs you can move your pallet around on the hangers - it doesn't have to be perfectly centered on the hangers, so you can get the shelf where you want it. Also the studs are likely to be somewhat symmetrical in their placement so you shouldn't have too much problem getting the look you want.