Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glitzy Vase

I'll probably only mention this 10 or 12 more times, but I'm taking a run at the Great Glitzy Hack Off hosted by Life in Rehab and Three Bed Semi which you can read about and then join in on the fun HERE.
Basically, it's a Z Gallerie Knock Off Challenge and anyone can join.  (I know this because they are letting me do it.) I was looking through some of the Z Gallerie pictures that Sunny had posted, I came across one that caught my eye right away.

Now I'm kind of a sucker for big white flowers...but Chrysanthemums are not my thing.  Give me a peony any day.  As for the vase it was in, well, I already had something similar.  (I did go to Z Gallerie's website to get a closer look at the vase, but for the life of me I could not find it...but Sunny was in there and she took the picture, so I know they have one.)  Anyway.....not that I have a lot of time for distractions while I'm busy getting ready for this hack off, but I really wanted to recreate this flower/vase thing.  It was tough.....I had to pull the vase off of the shelf in my bedroom.....wash it.....trim a few leaves off an artificial white peony.....(WHEW! I'm tired just tellin ya about it)......stick it in the vase and take this picture.
After a much needed rest.....I went to pic monkey and made a side-by side picture of both, just to see if all of my hard work paid off.  

Now, I know it's not the same thing.... but it's glitzy and it was inspired by Z Gallerie....  But hey....I'm just gettin warmed up!
Now, I've got to get busy....I've got spray painting, electrical work, glitterizing, (OK, that's not a word, but it's stayin) hot-glue gunning, priming and beading to do because I feel something glitzy and beachy comin on!
Maybe I should clear all of that 4th of July stuff off of my shelf first.

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  1. Eeek I better get "knocking off" asap - your "creation" looks so pretty. Love it. xxx

  2. "Glitterizing" is definitely a word- trust me, I have a degree in Blinguistics!

    Simple? Good.
    Recycling? Good!
    Shopping the house for free? Gooooooooooood!!!

  3. oh you cheeky so- and- so! Shopping the house, are we? *grin*
    I think we need to up the stakes here, this was too easy! :D
    Looks gorgeous, though.
    Where are those mirror tiles I ordered???

  4. I LOVE glitz and your vase is awesome!!


  5. Cool redo and you're just getting warmed up, woohoo. Can't wait to see what else is on the way.

  6. Awesome! It's glitzy, has a big white flower, and you are warming up very well!

  7. Oh, you clever, glitter, glitter girl! How come you manage to think of simple and elegant projects? Hooray for shopping in your house - it's kinda fun, isn't it?

  8. lol! it is gorgeous dear Danni!

  9. I actually liked yours better :) Great job!! Thank you for sharing it with us at The "Sunday Stop"!