Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glitzy Blue Vase

Since I have my usual Inspiration Cafe post on Mondays, I figured I'd better post my first Z Gallerie Knock-Off/Craft-Off/Hack-Off post today, which I know is one day early, but hey....I have more.
My new favorite color is this wonderful beachy blue, I figured I'd change the color of my project from black and white to beachy blue and white.  (No one said it had to be exact, right?!)
Here is the one from Z Gallerie that I liked.  It's a little fuzzy, but I had to blow it up a little.  Wish I could have actually seen this, I'm sure it's bigger than mine, and probably sparklier.  (Spellcheck is telling me sparklier isn't a word, but I say it is.)
What do you think? 
I can promise you this....mine was cheaper....I mean less expensive.  I already had a white vase and the embellishments, so I think I came in at about $10.00 total for the spray paint and the leaves.
Here's the low-down...
Had a white vase that I taped off and spray painted blue.  I am here to tell you that taping off vertical lines on a round object is a trick that I have not quite mastered.
Then, I spray painted some fern leaves white that were half-price at Hobby Lobby.
With temps upwards of 100 degrees here for the last month, I'll also tell you, spray painting anything and getting it to dry was a challenge.  I found that spray painting in the dark, when the humidity was down a little worked best for drying, but not so much for accuracy!
I gathered a few things from my craft room like some silver Ric-rac, some sparkly gems and some Tacky Glue (ignore the silver ribbon was too big for my purpose).
I adhered those sparkly gems with the Tacky Glue and let it dry.  Apparently you have to let it dry if you don't want the gems to slide off of that curved surface...ask me how I know this.
I wanted something to go around the neck of the vase so you wouldn't see what a difficult time I had making those stripes line up correctly.  I initially thought I would use that silver ribbon, but it was just too big and since it was wired, I didn't want to waste it by cutting it know, with Christmas just around the corner, you can't be wastin silver ribbon.  I had to move to Plan B.
 I crumpled up some tissue paper that actually matched the blue spray paint....oh happy day!....and then smoothed it back out a little,
 folded it into a band and wrapped it around my vase neck, secured it with glue and fastened some silver Ric-rac around it.
Finally, I took some clay, rolled it into a ball, stuck it in the bottle neck and poked the fern leaves in it.
Done and done!  
 And there ya go.....and it's that wonderful light blue aqua-ish color that I am beginning to love.  
If you think you can hack-off Z Gallerie, go HERE and read about it.  Sunny will lay it down for ya! 
There's also a link party for all of the knock-offs starting tomorrow hosted by Life in Rehab and three bed semi.  Don't miss it!

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    1. And thanks for sharing this at the All Star Block Party!


  2. I like it better than theirs. If you grow tired of it you can send it to me! ;)
    P.S. You are so funny! I love it. Go ahead, say cheap, you rebel!!!

  3. Danni you did a beautiful job!

  4. I like it better than theirs, too! I'm a big fan of aqua blue! You knocked this one out of the ball park!

  5. This is really cool! Love the spray painted fern leaves. I never would have thought to do that. The vase is adorable. You're off to a great start! Sounds like you have a whole lot of projects to show us! Can't wait to see them!!!

  6. Danni, that looks amazing. I love that you used that beautiful beachy blue. It's so much more bright and cheery. I love your glamed up white vase. *and it looks like you taped up your lines really well. I am impressed.

  7. I love it Danni....I havnt done anything yet. As in Nothing!!!! sigh....

  8. No one said it had to be exact...I mean, you're decorating YOUR home after all, and your interpretation is beautiful! And you know I'm a sucker for blue. Great job, Danni, right down to your shiny ferns!

  9. Danni, it's lovely! Better than the photo by far! The spray painted fern is genius - I'm stealing this idea someday...

  10. It may not be as sparkly, but it is prettier! Love that beachy blue nd the gems. I thought your painted ferns were feathers, they looked so cool! Great job as always.

  11. You inspire me!! I'm not a crafter, i'm a baker, but you make want to craft.
    You do lovely work. ~Paula

  12. Oh how clever to use the tissue paper and the ric rac around the top of the vase!! Great knockoff!

  13. Featured you in my Day One post <3 This is so brilliant, I squealed when you came to the fern part. Way better than the real thing, the colours are RIGHT down my alley. Drool. Mega- drool.

  14. I love it!!! Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Alderberry Hill. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Come and join the bash! Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  15. I finally came over to see what you had painted one of my favorite colors. I think you glued it to the mat against the pricier one! Hey, you could spray some ferns, make a teeny bikini, and sit by your little beach!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  16. Cute vase! That is the same beachy blue color I am using to redecorate my bathroom. Visiting from Time to Shine linkup :)

  17. Terrific! Thanks for sharing it at the All Star Block Party

  18. That is so cute! Following you from Whimsy Wednesday.

  19. I really love yours. It is super cool. I'd love for you to stop by and link up to the party I have going on right now. Hope to see you there.

  20. it looks great, you did a fab job! i can't get to grips with spray paint at all!

  21. I love it. Love the aqua and you did a great job.

  22. I love how you started out and as you ran into some problems ... you shifted your vision and still came out with something wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talent with us at The "Sunday Stop"

  23. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  24. hello!
    where can i get the book: raised textures + paintables.
    it's featured in you lamp with the bamboo sticks hack off......
    excited to do this project.