Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi!  I'm Sherry from Pondered Primed Perfected.  We are so excited to be a part of Inspiration Cafe and we hope you've been enjoying the creative projects of my fellow Cafe Mates!

We are very privileged to be finishing up this first round of Inspiration Cafe!  Thanks so much for joining us!!!
My Handyman, Scott and Me, Sherry 
We love to work on projects around here.  Big Projects.  Little Projects.  Quick Projects.  Long Projects.  Easy Projects.  Difficult Projects.  Copycat Projects.  Unique Projects.  Alone Projects.  Together Projects.  Some projects are finished and scrapped and started over again.  But the end result is that we are improving our space and having fun.  Many times we are recycling unwanted and discarded items into new and useful objects for our home.

One of our big projects is the upstairs nook.  It's not a finished space.  There are tons of little details left to do.  And all of that will be revealed when we are done.  But for now here's what I'm up to....all of those little details...

I found these cardboard letters on sale at the Joann's Fabric & Crafts for .99 cents each.  I wanted to put some typography into our upstairs nook and these would work great but they needed to be something a little more special and dramatic than cardboard.

I like these zinc letters from Restoration Hardware:
But we don't have a Restoration Hardware kind of budget!
 So I grabbed some Metallic spray paint in a silver tone and gave them a quick coating in silver.

Fronts and backs 'cause I'm all about the details!

 Once the first coat was dry I added a little bit of oil rubbed bronze.

Looking Better!

Hmmm, maybe a little more oil rubbed bronze...

...and some more metallic silver....

Lay them in the sunshine to get a nice reflective picture!!
What do you think?  I absolutely love them!!!

Here they are in the actual NOOK:

Oooooh....I cannot wait to show you our little nook when it is all finished!
Seriously, it's all in the details.

Thanks for joining us at Inspiration Cafe!!!  Have a fantastic week.
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  1. Really impressive. I love Restoration Hardware but love inexpensive RH knockoffs even better. If this is any indication of what the rest of your nook will look like, I am can't wait to be inspired and impressed.

  2. Yes, can't wait to see the rest of the nook. Love these letters. You'd never guess they were cardboard!

  3. Now I would never have thought to spraypaint those silver!! They came out fantastic :) Such creative ladies!