Friday, July 27, 2012


Can you guys tell I'm having a blast knockin off Z Gallerie?!  This project was one that I knew I would do as soon as I saw it.  I'm such an ambiance kind of girl, that this light is right up my alley!
 I was inspired by this picture from Z Gallerie that Sunny at Life in Rehab took.
This lamp is called "The Naples Floor Lamp" and it will lighten your wallet by $399.00!!! I loved the look of the straight lines and the bands of shells.  I already had an "uplight" as Christopher Lowell used to call them.  (Does anyone remember him from HGTV, like 15 years ago?) I also had shells. What I needed were some tall wispy looking stick-like things and something to extend the light upwards.  Turns out, the tall wispy looking things are pretty expensive and my budget on this project was $10.00. 
I went to Lowes and picked up seven bamboo stakes for not quite $2 ea. and BAM! just like that I was over my budget already.  I picked up a sheet of plastic for making stencils at Hobby Lobby for $3 and I was ready to knock this lamp off.
After a brief consultation with my mother-in-law Virginia, who has a great eye for scale, I headed to the shop with my father-in-law who cut the bamboo stakes in half for me.
  I'm so thankful that both of my in-laws are very supportive of my crafting and blogging.  (Thanks Charles and Virginia!)
The bamboo was too dark, so I put some white craft paint on them with a sponge brush and then wiped it off with a rag.
 They ended up looking like this:
 The base of my uplight was bright white and I wanted to tone it down a little too.  I have some wall paper books that I got several years ago when a local store went out of business.  (I knew all of those big paper samples would come in handy and they have more than once!)
I found a piece I liked out of this book and using some double stick tape, fastened it around my can.  I cut the opaque stencil making plastic to fit on the top ring of the can.  It already had some little clips in it so I just stapled my plastic together and then slipped it into the clips.

Then I was ready to put the bamboo sticks on.  I didn't want to glue them because you know I like to dismantle my projects when I get tired of them so I used a couple of large zip ties from my shed.
Of course, zip ties are not very pretty, so I covered them with jute using my favorite Tacky Glue.
 All I had left to do was glue the little shells that were left over from this project (I found a shell necklace for $1 at a thrift store) onto the jute.
 So this little Z Gallerie knock-off came in at about $16.00, which is a little on the high end for most of the projects I make, but considering the original was $399.00, I'm OK with that!  
 Mine is not as tall and doesn't have as many pieces of bamboo around it, but it looks awesome and glowy in the dark.....
 It doesn't look bad out on my deck either....
I'm not quite done with these Z Gallerie Knock-off's just yet, so stay tuned.  At the end, I plan to hack-off a hacker!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  (Are you good with that Sunny?)

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  1. OMG Danni - this fantastic!!!! I'm sooooo envious now! Its awesome!

  2. Oh my crafting goodness. You did it again. It looks amazing. Watch out Z Gallerie...Danni's coming for you :)

  3. Wow, you had a lot of vision for this project, digging through your stash of wallpaper samples and coming up with the perfect piece. And holy crap - $399!!!!! Who pays that? Somebody must and your piece is just as nice. Great job.

  4. Danni that is unreal! What a great knock are on a roll lady!! Megan

  5. I can totally not believe this. Are you sure you are not a professional? Holy lightbulb, batman, this ROCKS. Totally, utterly rocks.
    I'm really humbled by how seriously you're taking the Glitz, and by how much TALENT you have! Oh emm Gee, is it still time to chicken out of Hallowe'en? I'm getting cold feet here!!

  6. I'm thinking of copying this with a cheap, solar light for my river deck. Do you think it would work? Love it! ~ Maureen

  7. OMG! I knew someone would do this! It's awesome Danni! You are a crafting goddess ;)

  8. Bellisimo! Danni, you've done it again. I also had a crush on this lamp, and I appreciate the step by step instructions so I can own it too!

    Hack away!

  9. I knew someone would make this and yours is absolutely right on!!! It's simply gorgeous!! I fell by the wayside with a lot of family drama going on,so I didn't get a chance to continue with the projects. But I am having lots of fun reading about everyone's adventures with the knock-offs and hack-offs and can't wait to see more.

  10. That lamp is beautiful! New follower on bloglovin' from the hop :) 30 plus acres? Sooo lucky!!! :)

  11. You did all this and had to prepare for company from England and ran a farm and wrote a blog! When do you sleep? I actually like your version better than the Z Gallerie one. It looks better sitting on a table.

  12. It's terrific! Move over ZGallarie!

  13. Great project! I think I like yours better anyways, the other is almost too big. Have a great week :)


  14. Hi, Danni - finally checking in after a long time traveling, to admire your cool projects. This is so cute - a really chic knockoff, and the jute and little shells really add up to a charming DIY!

  15. This lamp is great....I love it! You are one clever lady!