Sunday, July 15, 2012

Body Farm?...News from Silo Hill Farm

I was thinking that it's time for a little farm news again and I'll get to that title line in a minute.  I'm sure there are many out there who are suffering from the same extreme heat and lack of rain that we are here at Silo Hill Farm.  It just sucks.  My grass....long ago turned from brown, dry and crunchy to just...gone.  Even the weeds are dieing.  And, if the weatherman on my news tries to tell me one more time that it's going to be a cooler day with high's ONLY in the low 90's.....well....I may pay him an unpleasant visit.  However.......and on the lighter side.....My pumpkins are still pretty happy and are setting on flowers!
Of course, we water those so even though they don't love the heat, they seem to be doing fine!
Our corn is pretty happy so far as well, although I don't know hasn't had rain in like 30 days. But it's tall and it makes my husband smile!
The Indian Corn that we planted seems to be surviving in this crazy heat!
Yesterday morning, we spent some time pulling a few weeds in the pumpkin patch and I took this photo of part of it.
My little dog Finn, loves to go down there with us and is ever vigilante....not sure about what, but he's ever vigilante!  It would be better if he would grow oppositional thumbs and help pull weeds!
One thing that is quite prolific in this heat is the Virginia Creeper Vine that climbs our silo every year and turns the most beautiful shade of red in the fall.
Can you see it there to the right of that big white truck box?  It's almost fully covered by that glorious vine!  I love it!  What?? You want to know what's the deal with that big ugly white truck box??'s full of everything a girl could need or want to run a haunted maze at Silo Hill Farm, every Friday and Saturday night in October.  Oh yes, I have some of the scariest masks and costumes you'll ever see in that box.  I have an entire Butcher Shop complete with blood-dripping body parts and all of the implements required to dismantle bodies in that box.  I have an entire haunted cemetery complete with tombstones, animated ghouls, hounds of hell, almost human bodies, screeching bats, life-size coffins, flying ghosts, glowing eyes, screaming zombies, hideous witches and ground breaking ghouls....all in that box.  Doesn't everyone have that stuff on their property??  Where do you keep yours??
Oh yes, we have a really fun pumpkin patch open to the public every fall with all the usual sweet, cute pumpkin patch activities for darling little kids, but at's all about the screams at Silo Hill Farm's Haunted Maze, Trail and Cemetery!!  We've developed quite a following and I cannot tell a's a blast!!! Oh and did I mention, we have not one but two haunted mazes??  As far as you know, everyone has made it out of them alive......but there could be a body or two left down in the fields.....we're not tellin! (Maybe that's why Finn is ever never know when the walking dead may step right out of our corn fields.)

Betcha can't wait to see some of my fall projects, right?  
I can do some serious Halloween stuff...oh yeah...after all, Halloween is my business!


  1. Ha ha ha,...that is fabulous. I wasn't around here last Halloween, but now I'm excited!

  2. Oh I just got goosebumps!!!!!Wow - wish we could visit it sounds awesome!

  3. How wonderful!!!! i am definitely gonna come visit together with my skeletons in the closet... xxx

  4. I so would love to see your silo in the fall. Glad your crops are doing okay!

  5. I can't wait for Hallowe'en! We ought to do a spooky craft- off! lol

  6. Hope you get some rain and cool weather soon! We are having a day of rain today...which is so nice for the plants! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  7. I adore you :) I am so glad to hear that the heat hasn't been too hard on your pumpkins. I am really anxious to follow along on your Halloween adventures.