Saturday, February 16, 2013

SHAMROCK WALL DECOR Mystery revealed and Tutorial

I asked yesterday if you could guess what this is made of..... 
If I had told you that it could be found in your dairy aisle at the supermarket, it might have been too easy to guess.

A few of you guessed it....
The Feral Turtle - who has one of the most amazing recycle projects I have ever seen!  See it HERE. 
Distressed Donna Distressed Donna Down Home - killer vintage makeovers and cutest tags EVER!
What We Keep - Tina actually  got out a ruler and measured a package of this cheese to be sure! Gotta love that!
Del's Shells - who makes fabulous jewelry with some amazing shells.  (I know because I have some of it.) 
Pondered Primed Perfected {P3} - who just made the coolest Lazy Suzanne..see it HERE. 
Thanks for all the fun guesses everyone!

Yep, those cute little wedges of cheese come in the most awesome cardboard circle box that I never really thought about until the other day.(I think in some places it's also called "Laughing Cow Cheese".)  Here is something I never noticed about them.....
 Uh-huh...they have these two little holes already punched in the side of them.  I have no idea why, but I did instantly have an idea of what to do with them!  A St. Patrick's Day Wall Hanging!
First I had to cover up the labels.  I decided on some fabric, because I have a lot of green's my favorite color.
I cut some circles out of some green fabric.  If you want a great tip on how to make fabric stiff enough to use in crafting without fraying and still be pliable, you can find it HERE.    
I attached the circles to the front and back of the container with a little ModPodge.  
I also cut a couple of smaller circles out of some pretty contrasting paper and applied them to the center of the fabric circle.  I made a little shamrock template out of some plastic, traced around it on yet another piece of fabric and applied it with ModPodge as well.
Pretty much ended up looking like this....
Now before I put the front and back of the box together, I needed to figure out how to hang it.  Enter this awesome Goodwill score
 Oh silk corded tassels.....and on half price day too, making them a quarter each!  Perfect!  I taped the end of one off, cut it, slid it through those two strange little holes in the box and made a loop for hanging.  Then I covered the sides of the box with a couple of strips of fabric that I cut notches into to accommodate the cording.
Just a touch of bling around the edges and I'm finished!
  Not too shabby for something that was about to go in the trash bin.

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  1. It's called Laughing Cow here in Canada!
    And only you Danni - really, only you could see potential in that - you're just amazing!!!
    Erin go bragh girl!
    You've earned a guiness!

  2. At my house, we call it La Vache Qui Rit! (We are all about some French here at Brandywine.) It translates to Laughing Cow (or, more specifically, the cow who laughs). Hmmm....this gives me an idea....

  3. Maybe I eat too much Laughing Cow - that is why I knew. I have been eying those little containers, but you know Horror Monster, My craft stash, is so humongous, I did not save the last one. The next one however . . .

    Your favorite color is green? No wonder you love St. Pat's.

  4. Well I never! You amaze me each time, Danni :-) I do know Laughing Cow wedges but haven't bought in a long time, so I never would have guessed!

  5. I came for the big reveal. Well done! It is neat that the holes are already punched in just begs to be a craft, doesn't it? ):)

  6. Thanks Danni. You are so creative!

  7. Awesome idea to use those lids, Danni! You are so smart. Megan

  8. Danni, I'll never look at cheese the same way again...EV-AH! :)

  9. I would never have thought to use those for a craft! Amazing. I think the bling and the silk tassel really makes it!

  10. Awesome! I never would have guessed that! :)

  11. We call it laughing cow too. That's really cool, your sister is correct you can craft from anything

  12. You fabulous-ness scares me, Danni.
    Is there anything you can't craft with???
    Do you have a maxi pad quilt?
    xo, Tina

  13. I guess I have never purchased those cheese wedges. I would have never guessed.

  14. Real cute, Danni! You must have a humongous stash at your home! I would be scared to throw away anything around you for fear of hearing, "now you know I can make something out of that!" Yes, I've been telling you that you are definitely the "Queen of Crafting!" Well done!!!

  15. Soooo cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to the Mingle With Us Blog Hop this week! I am following you back. :)

  16. Oh, wow! You are such a genius! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  17. This is soooo clever and pretty cute, too!

  18. Danni, this is awesome! What a great idea to use the cheese container. Oh no, another thing now to not throw away! :)

  19. Danni!!
    You are one creative gal!! What a darling idea-you have inspired many of your readers!!

  20. Ah. The Laughing Cow cheese container ;) Love it! Working on my project tonight :)

  21. I don't think I would of guessed right, the luck of the Irish must not be with me.


  22. I love how you used the holes for the tassel. Very clever my friend! Love this project!

  23. I guessed Laughing Cow...pretty close, wrong brand :P You are so resourceful & clever!!! Fun post(s), Danni! Love it!!! Thanks!!!

  24. Beautiful dear Danni!!! I have some happy cow cheese wedges sitting in my fridge right now! Your transformed one looks a LOT better! xxxx

  25. Danni, this project is great....I smile every time I see it!

  26. Recycled and adorable and Irish - could it get any better??? Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  27. This is so cute and very clever of you to think of it! I love St. Patrick's Day, so I'm already looking for ideas; thanks for sharing your project.

    I'm visiting from Katherine's Thursday Favorite Things blog hop -- have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. Thanks for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster. I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up next week.

  29. I love your ability to think outside the box, I totally would have thrown that away! Thanks for the idea.

  30. Danni, I just love how you did this post "series" how you teased us at first about what you used to make this and then the great tutorial. What a fun blogger you are! Thanks for joining in at March Madness!