Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tongue-In-Cheek Tuesday.....My Christmas Home Tour

I'm happy to be joining up with Bliss, from Bliss Ranch and Kirby from Kirb Appeal for Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday on this fine Wednesday!  (See how we are already?)  We don't take ourselves too seriously!  We'll be debuting this series with some Christmasness..... 
 See that crazy Christmas lady up above here?  Yeah...that's what I've been feeling like since oh, about Thanksgiving.  I had the best intentions...really, I did!  My husband wanted to get ALL of the decorations down from the attic and decorate the house in grand style.  Seemed like a good plan.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, all twentysomething boxes came down from the attic.
 I'm not going to apologize for the quality of these pictures.   It made me a wreck just to look at them, let alone live with them in my family room and living room 3 weeks.  That's right, 3 weeks.  Now Kirby had a great idea....."Just put them all back up in the attic!", she said.  I was all for it, but Sam was a little reluctant.  We put the small table top tree together (both pieces) and it sat....undecorated...3 weeks.  Sad.
My little grandson came over and put the snowflakes on it, which is why they are all mostly on the bottom...right at 5 year old height.  He also set out that little lonely snowman.   He was going to help me decorate, but when he found the box of Christmas games and stories, we spent the afternoon having fun instead!
For weeks, a shelf I emptied (and dusted...hallelujah!!) to be filled with Christmasness, looked like this.... still looks like that.  But, I did make that awesome pallet project!   In fact, I made two of them and donated one to a silent auction for a scholarship fund for a local high school student.
Finally, this week...yep, the week before Christmas, I did decorate a little. And I do mean a little. (Hey...I'm a busy girl!) I started with the bar, because I have my priorities.
I actually wrote a whole post about decorating my bar and you can read it HERE if you want. 
My son came over and he wanted to do some outdoor lights, which we never do, so we did a little.  But it was a beautiful day and about half way through, we did something else.  I took one night time picture of it.....
It's way cooler than you think....we'll expand on it next year.  
I did decorate two shelves in my kitchen....
I like silver can you tell?  But I like blue and gold too......
  The snowman is blown glass and is filled with styrofoam beads, a gift from one of my sisters years ago. (Thanks Amber!)  The pinecone ornament on top of that glass candlestick was Sam's Grandmothers.  We love it, it's the old-fashioned kind that shatters in a million pieces if it breaks.  I made the picture.  You can read about it HERE.  I also made the little white bottle brush tree in the glass jar as a guest post for a good blog friend!  You can read about that over at Northshore Days, if you'd like. (Love you Nat!)

I hastily threw a couple of things on top of my TV...because it's not a flat-screen and you can put stuff on it...
I made that cone, but haven't written up a post about that yet and I may not get to it this year!  The snowman leans.  He looks drunk...maybe I should put him on the bar instead??
My husband and father-in-law made this little Santa that likes to sit in my kitchen, on top of my antique coffee grinder (yes it really came out of our cabin in Montana)..... but I never got a post written up about it. 
And FINALLY......I decorated our Christmas tree...
Oh....see that cute little mobile in the right hand side of the above picture?  It's Christmas Faeries...lots of them.  My brother-in-law made the mobile, and I made the faeries.....but I didnt' get a post about that written up either.  And...I never finished putting a new bow on that glaringly bright glass block you see on the left.  It's so bright, it can probably be seen from outerspace!    

So, obviously, I took Kirby's advice and almost all of the boxes went back up in the attic...unopened.  I didn't deck the whole house out like my husband wanted to.  I didn't put up outdoor lights and make a winter wonderland like my son wanted to.   I didn't decorate the tree with my grandson like I had envisioned we would.  
What I did do was, decorate with things that I made. Spent an afternoon with my grandson reading Christmas stories that I had read to my own children when they were small.  I made a lot of projects that I turned into guest posts for some of my blog friends who could use some spare time this holiday seasonI made a project that will help enable a less fortunate student to attend college.  I spent some quality time with my son on an unusually beautiful December day.   Mostly, I quit making myself crazy thinking I had to unpack all of those boxes and deck the halls!!  (I'll also have some free time after Christmas because I can put it all away in no time flat!)  
Fa la la la la, la la la la!!! 
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  1. Excellent! Quality time spent with kids and grandkids is always best anyway! My excuse for not going all out is my house is small and I don't have a place to put everything anymore lol.

  2. Hilarious! This s my favourite Christmas post ever! Another blog friend of mine made a comment about un decorated houses and achy trees with a baby gates so I snapped a shot of my place, which is exactly that. Although with your pallet its still freaking awesome!

  3. Yay! We're live! Thanks so much for helping me with this--you are such a great friend! (Now that's enough exclamation points for one comment.)

  4. I love this post! You have the best sense of humor! BTW... Time with loved ones is much more important than decor perfection! Your family and friends are so blessed to have such a thoughtful person in their lives! Merry Christmas! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Well there you go sassy pants!! Thanks for making me laugh and spilling my hot tea on my desk! :)

  6. Ha the joke is on us crazies that unpacked the 20 totes!

  7. Yep, I would say you're the one having the best Christmas ever, Danni! Happy Holidays to you, too!

  8. OK....I get it. I see a pattern here....Kirby cleaned the drinks cabinet, you started with the bar......If I know Bliss even a little...and I do....she'll have that fancy schmancy drinks cabinet she made all loaded up too. Frankly, the best part about NOT decorating much is NOT having to take it all down! I joined the wrong party.........

  9. Love your Christmas spirit, consisting of LESS crazy over-the-topness and more small sweet moments. The leaning snowman is my particular fave!

  10. Danni, you've had a great December. You're definitely taking time to enjoy the journey and not just focusing on the destination! I LOVE it.

  11. Another wonderful post! You make me feel so much better about my hardly decorated home :-). And you are so right! Nobody will remember how many ornaments were standing around, but they will remember the time spent with you!
    hugs dear Danni
    ps: the drunken snowman is gorgeous :-)

  12. hahaha Danni - I love the drunk snowman!!!! And hey you got your tree decorated!!!! I love your project and I love you too xxxxx

  13. Well, at least you got the boxes back in the attic. Mine came out of the basement and are still sitting in my living and family rooms! Sigh. Glad to see you got the bar all decorated all nice and all!

    :) Linda

  14. Thank you, Danni, for relieving the pressure of get it done, get it done, get it done! After reading this I have decided there will be presents and food and no more decorating. You are so right - spend the time with loved ones. In fact, this afternoon, I may not even wrap the presents. I may take the dogs to the dog park and run!.

  15. Listen, Lady, whether you're a blogger or not, sometimes you just do. not. wanna. The spare decorations you did allow things to shine, and your decorations are just lovely.