Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiration Series - Mel's Givin' Us the Boot!

Now you all know that I totally adore Mel from Mellywood's Mansion and here is just one of the many reasons why......
 Is that not utterly fabulous??!!  If you don't know my dear friend Mel, head right over to the Inspiration Cafe and see how she made this fabulous boot!  If Mellywoods Mansion is not one of your "must read" blogs, you are seriously missing out.  She comes from the "land down under" and her projects are great, her sense of humor keeps me coming back for more, but it's her friendship and support that is priceless!  
If you're not already following us at the Inspiration might want to so you don't miss great projects like this!
If you want to guest post at the Inspiration HERE, because we'd love to have you! 

 *************I love ya Mel!************


  1. I already visited this adorable project. Not only is it brilliant, it is so darn cute! Mel is the best and thanks to you, Danni, I know it!

  2. I was just over at IC to check out Mel's boot. She is just brilliant... as always!! Love it!!

  3. Oh thanks Danni, made me blush, you are the best xoxoxo

  4. That is pretty darn clever. I'll be looking for boots at sales too!


  5. I think you did just what everybody should do for Christmas--make memories, and spend time with those one loves! I had a similar experience, got the huge wreath out of storage, put it on the chair in the front room, and there it sits. Scattered a few ceramic santas and such around (things I bought since last Christmas, the older stuff is still in the attic). And called it done. But, my girls and I had our annual day of making dozens of cookies and candies for gift trays!