Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LUCKY ME.......

I have never considered myself to be very lucky, but lately, I may be changing that view!!
I was lucky enough to win these...
  How cute are those 100% wool hand-knit Christmas trees!  They came from a fabulous etsy called
Click here to see some of the other awesome hand-knitted stuff!

I won them by entering a drawing at Maureen's blog, It's All Connected, they were made by her sister and they come in so many fabulous colors!!  It's All Connected is one of my must-read blogs.  You should check it out.  In fact, HERE is a story about Christmas in her 200 year old house that will totally put you in the Christmas spirit.  Thank you Maureen and Lynn...and Amish Girl!!

But wait!!!  That's not all.......I also entered another drawing for a Tee-shirt from The Blackberry Vine, also a fun blog with a shop and a great link party every week!  If you've never been should go check it out!  What did I win from The Blackberry Vine?
This cute Christmas shirt.....
Thank you Jami!  Love your blog, your linky and your shop! 

Now, you might think I'm done, winning season actually started a little earlier when I won this cute necklace from Della over at Del's Shells. 
Del makes the coolest jewelry from shells and has promised to take me shelling when I come to Florida!  She also made me a great shell ring and I cannot find the picture I took of it, but it looks gorgeous!   I gave this lovely locket to my sister, Jennifer, who lost a son (my precious nephew Ben) last year and I thought she might like to have it to put a picture of her boys in.  She loved it!
 If you want to see some more of Del's fabulous creations or learn about shells, visit Del's blog at Del's ShellsBeautiful, dreamy stuff!! you know why I say..."lucky me".  But really, I the luck is in  knowing and reading so many fabulous bloggers and blogs....the bonus is the lovely things I've won.  
I feel like my luck is running high and I should buy a lottery ticket.  I'm not a Dad always said, "Never gamble more than you can stand to lose" and I can't stand to lose a dime, so maybe not. 
Have you ever won anything?   I once won 400 gallons of gas, when gas was over $4/gal.!!! 
 What's the coolest thing you've ever won? 


  1. I hope you enjoy all those wonderful prizes. Love those trees! I won a beautiful primitive blue box from Homespun Happening that has become a cherished part of my decor. And a special gift of a special Thanksgiving girl!

  2. You really do have the best luck!! I can't recall winning anything, so I should be on the short list to start.

  3. Wow!! You have won some great things!! I love those trees! Too cute! Congrats lady!!

  4. I wanna steal those darling trees, so original and good-looking!

  5. Wow. You are lucky! 400 gallon of gas, Loved your most recent winnings, especially those beautiful trees. I never win anything but I feel very lucky in life so I guess it all evens out :)

  6. Oh wow,...I'm so happy that you won these trees. I love them.

  7. Beautiful trees, and what an amazing story teller Maureen is. You are so very lucky! And I'm so glad your sister liked the locket :)

  8. Danni, you are on a winning streak! Quick, buy a lottery ticket or hop on a plane to Vegas!!! Seriously though, this is so awesome. I'm very happy for you and have to say what sweet "pay it forward" thing you did by sharing that locket with your sister. That is so precious. Those trees are COOL!

  9. Congratulations on ALL your wins and thanks for the shout out! In the depths of the 80's recession we were out of work and dead broke. Someone gave me a box of stale Corn Flakes and I sent the contest form on the back in. I wanted the $1,000 cash prize. I won the grand prize of an Olds '98, a 14 day cruise on the Mexican Riviera and a $1,000! If all the angels in heaven weren't singing, I certainly was!

  10. congrats...following you from the 200 club

  11. I saw that yesterday, congratulations you are rocking the prize pool! Maureen's blog is a must read, love her!

  12. I once won enough at the Casino here in Montreal to take a vacation to the AND include my three kids and 2 of their friends!!!!
    I say buy a lotto LOL

  13. Score!!! How fun!!! Checking out the Etsy sops and blogs now :)

  14. WOW! That is a lot of GOOD LUCK!!! Did it bring any luck in the Christmas boxes unpacking themselves :)

  15. First, condolences to your family on the loss of Ben. I know losses are more painful this time of year.
    Congratulations on your wins! You are on a streak, girl! Better hit the casino and make a fortune while you can.
    My best win ever was when I was 12. My dad was stationed overseas, we were living in my small hometown in Arkansas, mama struggling with six kids, including a newborn (I was second oldest). No money, working part time as a waitress just to keep something on the table. Christmas a week away, and not even anything for a special meal, let alone gifts. Mama was heartbroken.
    The grocery store was having a "Holiday Open House" with free hotdogs and Coke, so we older kids hightailed it over there. I signed up for the hourly drawing they were having, and when the name was drawn, it was mine!
    I won a whole ham. My mama cried.

  16. Wow, Danni! Congratulations!! That's some seriously cool loot! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures