Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Mug Swap Reveal

Back in the fall, my friend Heather at Heatherly Loves posted a blog about a Christmas Mug Swap.  You know I just love to try something new, so I signed up for it right away!
 I mean who could resist that cute little picture of Santa Claus and the idea of giving and getting a Christmas mug through the mail?
I had never heard of the person's name I had, nor did I know if they even had a blog.  I shipped them out a bone china mug with a Cardinal and tree on it, filled with candy, some Starbucks coffee and Peppermint Mocha.  I hope they received and liked it!

I certainly was surprised and thrilled with the mug I received from 
my swap partner, whom I was lucky enough to know, because I love her blog!  It's  Karen Mary Butterfly from Shabby Brocante!!  
Now I have to say, Karen was not only prompt, (I received my mug right away!), but that lady knows how to pack a lot of fun into a cute little mug!  I came home from work after a particulary "not pleasant" day and found a box waiting for me on my door step.  When I opened it up, I found this little guy smiling at me!
Instant mood changer!  Really, how can you not smile back at a smiling snowman?  And the bow...a cotton cloth weave with red snowflakes on it.  (You know I saved it!!)  See that cute other dotted ribbon hanging down?  Uh huh.....that is the cutest little wired mini pom-pom garland I have ever seen! (Saved that too!)  Now, what didn't get saved was what's inside the mug.....
 Those yummy See's Peppermint puffs and plenty of chocolate Santa's to go with a cup of cocoa!  Yep...I have to admit, they didn't last long!!  The mug itself, has a beautiful Christmas scene complete with a fireplace, decorated mantel and a beautiful Christmas tree!
 Thank you Karen Mary Butterfly!  You certainly made my day when my mug full of happiness arrived on my door step!  Although the candy is long gone, the snowman lives on my tree and the ribbon and garland found a home in my craft supplies, I think of you everytime I fill that mug with a cup of coffee (like today) or cocoa.  If you are not familiar with Karen's blog, Shabby Brocante, go check it out and make a new friend! 
A big thank you to Heather from Heatherly Loves, for putting this mug swap together and inspiring me to try something new! 
(Heather is hosting a link party for everyone to reveal their mugs!  It starts today and you can see them HERE!)


  1. Cute, cute snowman! Loved he way it was wrapped.

  2. Aww...that's so sweet Danni. I am glad you liked your mug! So sweet to post about it! It was a fun swap. I got my mug form my partner too. It just arrived this weekend :)

  3. Oooo - that's a pretty mug and so nicely gift wrapped. I'll know we'll see the trimmings again on some great project of yours!

  4. Oh that is so cute! What a great idea and wrapped so prettily.

  5. this is so lovely! One of the disadvantages of living in Africa is that i cannot take part in things like that. But love reading about it all the more! I especially like that little red and white ribbon, gorgeous

  6. Lovely gift, you must be so happy!

  7. Just read a blog that mentioned bacon. Now I want peppermints and bacon.


  8. I too did the Christmas Mug Swap, so I just wanted to drop by and take a peak at what you got. Really cute!!! This has been a lot of fun. First time for me. Enjoyed reading about your box of cute stuff. Merry Christmas :)

  9. I'm stopping by from Heatherly Loves Mug Swap today.
    Wow! I love the creativity people put into their swaps. It definitely has given me some ideas.
    I hope you and yours has a Merry Christmas!