Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bloggers I Admire - Gail at Purple Hues and Me

It's one of those special Wednesdays when I get to introduce you to a favorite blogger of mine.  If you haven't met Gail from Purple Hues and Me, you are in for a treat!
Gail is a great "all-round" blogger.  She pretty much covers it all, cooking, sewing, crafting, gardening!  She has some killer knock-offs as well.  I've followed Gail for quite a while and I can tell you she is a great supporter, which in my opinion is an important part of blogging. Yep, she's talented and friendly! 
I wanted to share Gail and her blog with you at Christmas time because she has created some beautiful holiday decor that just amazes me!  When I asked her for some of her favorite projects, these are the ones she chose.  (I'll be showing you a few of my favorites in a bit.)

This first one is a so pretty and it's pretty special too!  All of the jewelry is from family members!  How cool is that??!  You can click on the link at the bottom of the pictures to see the projects.
Family Jewelry Christmas Tree
 This ornament is so interesting and beautiful.  Gail created it from a memory she had of an ornament her mother-in-law made.  She gives a great tutorial on how you can make one yourself and customize it to suit your own decor.
Ribbon Angel Ornament
 I think Gail likes angels.  She also made this cute beaded one that would look great on a tree or tied to a package. If you want to make your own, she's provided a tutorial on this as well.
Beaded Angel Ornament
 Now here are a few of my favorite projects that Gail has done!  This first one, you probably already have seen because it was featured everywhere and rightly so as it is just stunningly gorgeous!
Poinsettia Tree Skirt
 Christmas isn't the only holiday that Gail can make sparkle.  Check out this cool beaded pumpkin she did for fall.  She'll show you how to make one for yourself as well.
Beaded Pumpkin
 Gail can sew as well and you all know how I admire anyone who can create beautiful things with a sewing machine!  Check out what she did with the fabric she found that matches some new chairs she bought!
Leftover Fabric
 Finally...Gail cooks up some great recipes! How about a fabulous appetizer?
Broccoli Bites
 Or maybe this belongs on your dessert table at Christmas!  (It looks so gorgeous doesn't it?)  Gail will show you how in a very easy step-by-step tutorial.  Really, doesn't it remind you of stained glass?
Mosaic Jello Dessert
 You can see why I love Gail and her blog, right?  Seriously, this is a woman who does it all and does it all very well!  So take a minute to visit Gail and her blog and maybe even follow along. Not only will you find a warm and wonderful blogger, you'll find something there that inspires you.....I promise!  
Thank you so much Gail for letting me feature you!  You have a great blog and by the awesome new blog design! 


  1. I know I saw the jewelry tree. I loved that too. The ribbon angel is very beautiful. Thanks, Danni for sharing a great blogger.

  2. HOooray for featuring Gail, I love all those projects. The stained glass jello is amazing!

  3. I love love love the jewelry tree! Beautiful! Gail has a neat blog. I'm gonna have to follow!

  4. Thanks you so much Danni! You have truly gone above and beyond in featuring me. I had no idea you would feature so many posts. You are such a wonderful inspiration and I am so humble to say you are the best dear friend anyone could possibly have! The blogging community is so very special!

  5. Gail is awesome,I have that beaded angel on my to do list!

  6. I have followed Gail for months and am still in awe of her creations. To truly appreciate the white poinsettia tree skirt, you have to read how Gail created it. She is truly a wonderful blog buddy.

  7. Wow, there are some amazing projects! That jewellery tree. And the tree skirt! and the mosaic jelly! Wonderful

  8. Gail does beautiful things, for sure! And she is a sweetie! Thanks for featuring her, Danni, I know those who are not familiar with her beautiful blog are in awe right now!

  9. WOW - what a talented lady! That tree is just magnificent ( kind of like the bouquets brides are now making ) people like that just blow me away really - when then
    Great feature Danni:)

  10. Nice to meet you Gail...and all your AMAZING projects too. Love the family jewelry tree and that poinsettia tree skirt...beautiful!

  11. Wow. She seriously CAN do it ALL can't she?! Impressive. That tree skirt is to die for!

  12. She is very talented! I love the jewelry tree she made it's out of this world beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to a new blogger. ;) Megan

  13. Great feature Danni! Gail is so amazingly talented!! I'm still just as much in awe of her tree skirt today as I was the day she posted it. Amazing!!
    Tuula :)