Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Little Love Comin Your Way!

I L-O-V-E Valentines Day! I decorate for most holidays, but I love Valentine decorating because it gives you a chance for some bright color right in the middle of a grey winter and fills that void that always seems to be left after Christmas decorations are gone. 
I don't have a mantel (wish I did...but right now, we're wood stove people and you can't put anything on top of a wood stove), but I have a couple of shelves in my living room that I dedicate to seasonal decorating.
This "gate" is actually 2 pieces of wrought iron from planter boxes that I re purposed.
The wreath I made from squares of Valentine print fabric and a styrofoam heart.  The vase on the left is just a plain vase with 3 of those window "gel clings" stuck on them.....very temporary.  I made the beaded embellishment on the candle in the middle. It used to have green beads on it.  I threw some pearls in the bottom of it....pearls are so Valentine-ish don't ya think?

I saw this glass piece at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago and I didn't hesitate to get it.  It happens to be the title to one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs and well....Bruce is Boss!...and "Two Hearts ARE Better Than One"!
The trio of hearts below is nothing more than a small glass photo frame with again, those "gel window clings" stuck on them.  (I love those things!) I assembled the candle on the right out of a small glass bowl, a little glass tea light holder, some beads, and I put it all in a pillar candle holder.  It's so pretty at night! 

This is a a shelf in my kitchen.....because I need a little love in there while I'm cookin up a little love! It's kind of hard to tell, but that heart plate is really sparkly.  The taper holder is from Italy and that card came from my good friend Deb, whom I used to play with in Montana.  I miss her and I like to look at it!

This springy looking thing I picked up in Jacksonville Tennessee and I use it year round.  It was such a fun find! It looks great with Christmas ornaments in it too!  The capize shell heart w/ pearl string is about 5 feet long and I picked it up at a global market place.  This is an oil candle that I just can't make myself light!!

So that's about it for Valentines Decor at my house right now.  But I am working on one more project.......I'm just sayin!!!!! 


  1. Love this, it is so pretty and elegant. Never thought of using window clings for decorating a vase, what a great idea. Easily changed with each holiday! I'm following you back. And you are either a very early riser or don't sleep at night. Cause it is very late my time and you are further east.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I am a VERY early riser...sleep eludes me. Thank you for following me!

  2. Love the "gate"! Great job repurposing!

  3. Very nice decorations and vignettes. And way to re-purpose that wrought iron. Just beautiful displayed that way!!
    Mary Lou

  4. Your Valentine's decoration are so lovely. The gate is pretty, and a great way to repurpose. Don't you just love repurposing! Your vignettes are so pretty. I also like your Valentine bracelet. So appreciate you sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best. PS - now following you!

  5. I love the window cling idea. I like the look of them but have never used them. But this is the perfect use for them. Thanks so much for the idea!

    #12 buggalcrafts

    Lisa's Craft Blog Linky

  6. Love your display with the gate! Super cute!!

  7. I'm in love w/ the Two hearts are better than one!!! Beautiful! Visiting via The Creative Spark

  8. Oh man, I need that gate for my mantel!! Jealous!! And, I love that you've decorated a shelf in a mantel-y way! I love faux mantels :)