Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craft Room D-Day!

Today is D-Day for my craft room and I'm excited!  I'm going to be so busy today that I'm not going to write much!  This is the day the big stuff gets moved in and out.  The computer goes out (that's Sam's job) and the armoire comes in.  The armoire is holding the majority of my craft stuff now, so first...I have to empty it all out.  It's huge and it's heavy.....even when there's nothing in it. Then...I get to put everything back in it.  Well, not everything, because now I will have new places for some of it.  I do love this armoire.  My friend Ciree gave it to me.  That's right, she gave it to me!  I'm so grateful for it and I've used it for my TV before, but I love it better as craft storage.  It has shelves, drawers and a cabinet in it.  What's not to love! 
 I'm sure this will involve a trip or two to Lowe's (I want pegboard!) but doesn't every project start with a trip to Lowe's?!  Anyway....I'll spend the rest of this week pulling this room together. Except for Wednesday.  Wednesday is reserved for this guy:
He is the boss of me and I'm glad for it!

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