Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft Room Progress

I'm making some progress in my craft room makeover project.  Yesterday was a madhouse and although we got tons done it was a mess.  Funny how changing one room can make your house look like a disaster area.  I cannot stand for stuff to be out of place and yesterday everything was out of place! (As my sister Amber would say...."It makes me twitch.")  Here is my bedroom yesterday..... 
I totally lost the picture of my living room, but it was much worse. (I'm sure I looked at it and was so twitchy that I hit "delete" instead of "send"!
However....after a full days work, some progress was made.  I emptied the room....
Then I made a little corner so that my friend Judy could still have a place to sleep when she comes to visit.  The couch opens into a bed, but for the rest of the year, it's a great place for me to sit and read or watch my birds. 

 And hallelujah...after about an hour and a half, we got that armoire in!  Add a work table and shelf and suddenly it's all beginning to look a little more organized. 

(Don't make fun of that sad little plant there!  It was so huge and glorious this summer on my deck and I didn't get it inside when we had a frost.  It's recuperating and I just know it will make a comeback! )
Today, I will be filling that armoire with lots of supplies and crazy craft stuff (oh yeah, I have lots) and this afternoon my husband has promised me a trip to town for some shelving.  I'm excited! 
Oh...and here is a special picture just for my friend Judy.....
 Judy, please know that "the Gahanna" has been treated with the respect it deserves and has been installed in my new craft room with proper ceremony. 

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