Monday, January 9, 2012

48 Hours of Ahhhhhhhhh....

I totally skipped writing on here yesterday because I was enjoying my weekend getaway with my husband way too much!  For the last several years, during the first week of January, our good friends Lowell and Bootsie have given us the gift of relaxation.  Now isn't that a gift everyone would love to get?!  Here they are in all of their splendiforous glory:
We love these two for so many reasons.
But really, how do you not love someone who gives you a weekend in their condo at Big Cedar Lodge, right after all of the holiday craziness?!  Their generosity is overwhelming, their friendship is invaluable and their faith in God is inspiring.  (To date, Lowell is the only guy who has been able to get my husband through the front door of a church!)
So we spent the weekend doing exactly what we wanted.  We read a lot.  We took a couple of walks.  We ate good food.  We sat on the deck while it was 67 degrees (in January!).  We took our lives in our hands and crossed the state line into Arkansas...... 
I wanted to poke around and see if I could find some stuff I could use for my craft room remodel project.  I also wanted to drive through Eureka Springs.  I didn't want to stop....just love the drive.  We took a road that went from Berryville, Arkansas to Eureka Springs.  I really wanted to find some cool junky looking shelves and then fix them up a little. (I do not want to spend a ton of money fixing up a craft area.)  The first place we stopped at, looked like they were having a yard sale and it had kind of a cool looking little cabinet in the front I wanted to look at.  Now I will admit, when I'm focused on something, I tend to miss some obvious things and this is a fine example of it.  I totally missed the fact that the place was closed and the roof at the back of the house was blown open and had an obvious fire and that there was broken glass everywhere.  (I'm thinking meth lab explosion!)  Anyway, we moved on from there and managed to find a few fun items in Berryville and then headed towards Eureka Springs.
Now I will take a minute here and just say that I'm fascinated by old cemeteries and my husband indulges me in this.  I never fail to find something of interest and we stopped at one and here is what we found: kidding...that's a funeral pyre, decked out with beads and all kinds of crazy paraphernalia, complete with some kind of skull on the top.  Bizarre.
Anyway, we completed our drive, went back to Big Cedar Lodge and finished our very relaxing weekend away from phones, noise and other general craziness!  Thank you Lowell and Bootsie!  We had a great time!

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