Friday, January 13, 2012

Cinnamon Cafe Cake

My husband did laundry last night when I fell asleep during a TV show!  This morning he gets this:

Yep.....I will reward my husband with something yummy!  Sam doing laundry is a rare thing and I don't expect him to do it.  It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning.  Also, in the load he left in the dryer I found 2 bucks.  Bonus!!  (Long ago in an effort to get everyone to empty their pockets before putting anything in the laundry, I made the declaration that "all money found in the laundry goes to mom".  I'm never going to get rich at this, but it's sometimes a nice reward. Once I did get $50!!)
Anyway, the above recipe is an old one and I don't remember where it came from, but I love it! It's all bumpy on top (turns out that way every time) and has all of these valleys with topping all sunk into them!  It makes my whole house smell good!  It's probably the Penzeys Vietnamese Cinnamon.  I cannot tell you enough how much I love Penzeys Spices and if you don't live near one, you can order online.  (Penzeys does not pay me anything to love them and brag about them on my blog, but I'll keep doing it until someone else pays me to stop!)  One other word about this recipe......the baking mix...some people use Bisquick, some use Jiffy, but I am a Pioneer Baking Mix fan all the way!  It's awesome stuff and I'm sorry if you don't have it in a store near you.

Sam is going to love waking up to this and if your special someone does something nice for you, maybe you ought to make this cake for them some morning!  Enjoy!


  1. I bet Sam enjoyed it! Oh, and I love collecting in the dryer too.

  2. This sounds and looks really good! I LOVE Penzey's Spaces, too! Was able to visit their Bethesda, MD location over the summer and I swear I touched one jar of every spice they had and I brought back crystalized ginger and dehydrated lemon zest as gifts to myself. My hubby does the laundry, too, so I understand how much that meant to you.

  3. Looks good! When you say shortening, are you talking about the white crisco stuff?? Tim and I switch off each week doing the laundry. It's nice. All of his shirts he wears all week to work go to the cleaners so between just the two of us there isn't much but it's still nice. I used to threaten that I'd keep all the money found in the dryer but then would walk upstairs with it and hand it to the first kid I would see. It was a nice surprise for them!