Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Same Me?

New Years seems to be all about making goals that are improvements. Whether these are about improvements to yourself, your home, your life, your relationship.  I've made many resolutions in my life and some of them I've stuck with and others....oh well.  Probably my favorite, and the one I really stuck with, was reading the Bible through chronologically in a year.  Thanks to my sister Amber, (I have 5 sisters, all of them awesome) I did it!  It was so rewarding, whether you believe in God or not, I highly recommend it. Greatest story ever told, hands down.
As for this years resolutions...well, your lookin at it!  I promised myself I would start a blog.  I promised myself it would be a well-rounded blog that would entail a little bit of the things I'm interested in, like cooking, crafting, self-improvement, religion, nature, family, friends and fun. Not necessarily in that order.
So....having said all of that, I'm starting off with "Self-Improvement Sunday" and something I found in a Reader's Digest Magazine that my neighbor Miss Harriet (you'll hear more about this amazing woman someday) gave me.  I had originally cut out an article called "Where Your Taxes Go" and every time I looked at it, I got so angry.  One day, I flipped it over and this is what was on the back:

My Aunt Jeanne (yet another great woman in my life) says, "As the years go by, we all just get more and more like we ever were." That may very well be true, but, couldn't we all be just a little more charming?  It seems so easy...just 3 little steps.  I'm giving it a try here in 2012 and I hope you will too! Happy New Year!


  1. It was a blast reading through the Bible with you! Happy New Year to you!

  2. I love that- How to be more charming? Rules to live by. Make people count.

  3. I love that article. I think that's great advice. Congrats on you blog. I would love for you to join my weekly linky, Fri-Monday come strut your stuff.

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