Friday, June 13, 2014

Sherry from Thrift My House Guest Post

I can't tell you how excited I am to have the one and only Sherry from Thrift My House guest posting here today while I'm finally unpacking my craft room.  This project is so awesome, it's all the motivation I need to keep moving and get organized!  Take it away Sherry.....

I am so happy to be guest posting here at Silo Hill Farm! Everyone knows that Danni is the Queen of crafts so I am honored to be here sharing one of my latest projects. 
Let's get it started!

I rarely know exactly what I'm going to do when I start a craft project. It starts with an idea and evolves from there.
Recently, I saw these wood things at Lowes.... Contractor Shims.
I thought they were interesting... and cheap. Less than 4 dollars.

 I had no idea that they were wedges.... hence the name, shim...
I got out my glue gun and proceeded to hot glue them together to make even little boards. 42 shims make 21 boards. 

Honestly, I thought, this will take a while, so I got my coffee and glue gun and got comfortable... it took less than 10 minutes and I got interrupted at least 10 times.... so no worries, no big deal.
I put a bead of hot glue down the ends and middle of one board and smashed them together. It went very fast.

Then I played around with them and figured out a shape that would use up all the boards. A pkg of 42 Shims (21 boards after glue)  made a pretty good size board. 
I then hot glued them to a piece of foam board. I cut the foam board slightly smaller than the overall shape of my board. 
It looks like a shutter here. 

I like the rough, rustic feel of this board.

I painted it white and decided to put the words Beach House on it.

I used gray paint for the letters. It needed something else....

So, I added an arrow and then took my sander and distressed it a bit. I love how the words look when they're distressed. 

This was one of the visions I had for the board but my butt was too tired to paint on all those stencils. 

I craft because I get satisfaction when I take a pile of whatever, in this case boards Shims, and come up with something that I like.

It. Is. Therapy. For. Me.

Thank you so much Danni! This was fun. I hope you guys were inspired and thank you so much for reading. I hope you will visit me at Thrift My House. I'd love to visit you!

Thank you Sherry!  You are one amazing crafter!  Being land-locked here in the mid-west, I long for the ocean and love all things beachy!
Sherry does so many projects that are inspiring, you'll be sure to want to go over and follow her so you don't miss any of her awesomeness.  
If you used to follow Sherry before and then somehow lost her, you may not know that she re-started her blog, so you'll need to head over and follow her again at Thrift My House.




Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It's been awhile, but I've not been lazy.  We've been in our new house almost a month and I'm twitchy.  I love my new house, but it's been a little chaotic.  I don't do chaotic well.  I know I'm long overdue for a post and I'm certainly behind on blog reading.  I've missed you all but have tried to read a little when I take breaks.  As always, thank you for inspiring me. 
I will confess to you that I have had time for a brief affair....with some spray paint.  Yes, I fell in love with Rustoleum's "Metallic Paint and Primer in One" in Satin Nickel.  It may not be over yet, but we're having a grand time.  We met by candlelight.....
We've had a shady relationship that started out as pretty ugly..... 

but then bloomed into a shadowy albeit elegant romance.
We brazenly exchanged numbers in the evening, under the brassy porchlight.
We were as happy as a pair of lovebirds atop a shimmery, silvery, satiny branch.
As our affair progressed, we dared to venture into the guest bedroom. (Somehow, it just didn't seem right to bring this affair into my own bedroom.)
 But then things fell to pieces and our time ran out....
This love affair had to end sometime and I knew I had to come back to my senses.  It's a return to reality for me and my new house.  
This weeks reality is the craft room, which has looked like this since I moved in.  Don't judge.
And now I'm falling in love again....this time with an oceany blue.  I was always such a sucker for those cute beachy boys!  Now that I've mostly moved in and mostly unpacked, I'm excited to get started on this room and it's one beautiful oceany-blue wall.  
I did make a kick-a$$ craft shelf that I saw on pinterest and I can't tell you how much I love it!  Okay, yes I can, but I'll save that for another post. Okay, I'll give you just a leetle peek at it....
While I'm busy organizing my new craft room, I want to let you know that I have an amazing guest post for you this Friday from Sherry over at Thrift My House.  I know that many of you already know you're in for a treat and I'm going to tell you right now that I'll be knocking off the fabulous project that she did for this guest post in my own master bedroom.  I'll also tell you right now that her black and white master bedroom was the inspiration for my guest bedroom.  So, come back Friday and see what Sherry made!
In the meantime, I'm heading into my own Horror Monster of a craft room (as my friend Donna would say) and see if I can't tame that beast and get back to some project love.
Oh...and did I mention that I sold all of my living room furniture at our garage sale on Saturday? we have nowhere to sit.  Smart move, huh?