Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Although I live on a farm, country is not necessarily my style, but every now and then a little bit of it sneaks into my decor.  Just a little.  Like this.....

I didn't really start out to make a country-style heart, it just kind of ended up that way.
I picked up these wooden hearts last year at a thrift store.  A whole string of them.  They had some kind of saying on them, I forget what, and had some flowers painted on them.  Really, they were hideous.
I thought about painting over them, but it was faster and easier to cover them with some burlap, which I cut out and just glued on, because I'm lazy and have no patience for drying paint.
Using my number stamps, I put a 14 on the center...almost.  I'm not the best at lining this stuff up obviously.
The edges were still pink, which I didn't like.  I covered them with some kind of lace trim that I found in my box of ribbons.
I also added some eye on the top for hanging and one on the bottom because in my infinite wisdom I thought that it needed something dangling down from it.  I used an old wooden thread spool, wrapped some gingham fabric around it and strung a few beads on each end.
Here is where I always run into trouble with that whole "less is more" thing.  I messed with those beads forever trying to figure out what looked best.  Then I felt like the burlap heart was way too plain.  I asked my highly valued, totally underpaid decorating consultant (aka my husband Sam) for his opinion.  He said, "needs something around the heart".  I asked him if he could expound on that professionally technical opinion and he said it needed just a border outline around it. I cut a heart out of the same fabric I used on the thread and glued it on.
  He's a genius!
 If you would like to use my husband's consulting services, just send me an email.  I think he'll work for food.....something he doesn't have to cook himself while I'm busy crafting....although I will say he's become a very good cook over the last year!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Welcome to the second edition of Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday where a few of us like to make fun of ourselves!  This started out small, just 3 of us actually, but it seems that many bloggers have a great ability to make fun of themselves and rather enjoy it!  You might want to join in!
Seriously...are you checking out that image?!!  Those are pigs heads on that wreath!! (Thank you to  The Graphics Fairy for that glorious image!)  I'd be drinking too if that were hanging on my wall!  (Okay, I might be drinking with or without the pigs heads for an excuse.)  The theme of this months Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday is "Resolutions you didn't make, but should have, because they would have been easier to keep!"
Keeping that theme in mind, I should have made a resolution to  "make a craft out of anything"!   (Okay, maybe not pigs heads.)
But really, I have a sister...actually 5 of them, but this one in particular calls me a "craft whore".  She says I will make a craft out of anything.  Perhaps she's right....let's have a brief look shall we?
  Okay, in my defense here.....
  - that years pumpkin crop was awesome 
  - what else are you going to make out of a round propane tank?  I had to do something with it...having old propane tanks laying around is a sure sign of a meth lab here in Missouri!
  - those spools were free and I have some kick-a$$ projects  planned for those!
 But....let's look at a few more....
- Oh c'mon...tomato pin cushions are just ugly.
- That witch hand?  My most viewed post to date!
- OK, I'll give it....the jeweled bunny was a little out there. 
Hmmmmmm...she may be right, I will make a craft out of anything!
 - soap dispenser? My second most viewed post to date
 - creamer can? Hey...I put Halloween treats in it and gave it away.
 - fireworks gifts?  My niece and nephew thought they were awesome and they didn't care what they started out as.
 - the trim?  c'mon....that was going in the trash when I had the idea to use it for a little sign. 
 Okay....but isn't the term "craft whore" a bit strong?

My sister is right...I'll make a craft out of anything.....
That is a New Years Resolution I could have easily kept!
(But "Craft Whore"?  Really??) 
UpdateI did tell my sister that I was not a craft whore because I was not receiving any money for my projects.  Her response?    
"Then that makes you a craft slut!" 
I give up! 

Please be sure to visit some of these great blogs linked below to see their spin on this months theme.  I thank every one of these ladies for their bravery in joining us and for sharing their humor!
If you think you would like to join us for the next Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday, just let any of us know and when we're ready for another round, we'll get in touch with you and let you know the topic and date.  Most importantly, remember, it's all about being able to laugh at ourselves!  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Inspiration Series - Heather is in the Kitchen at the Cafe!

Today over at the Inspiration Cafe, we have a special treat for you!  Heather from The Beating Hearth is in the kitchen and she's baking up a batch of Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting!  Oh yummmm!
 Uh-huh....leave it to Heather to tempt us with these show-stopping beauties just in time for Valentines Day.  You can find this recipe over at the Inspiration Cafe, so stop in and enjoy!  

If you would like to guest post at the Inspiration Cafe, we'd love for you to let one of us know, or go HERE to our submissions page.
If you've never written a guest post before, that's OK, we're happy to teach you how with this easy step-by-step tutorial HERE.  It's easier than you might think and a great way to get exposure for you blog!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine Mini Shadow Box

When my good friend Judy came to visit last fall, she brought me the cutest little shadow box and I do mean little!  It measures a mere 2 1/2" X 2 1/2"Although I looked at it many times during Christmas, I never quite figured out what to display in it.  But I knew just what to do with it last week!
 Isn't it the cutest little shadow box?  All it took to inspire me was a 30% off sale and a gift card to Hobby Lobby where I found the sweetest little heart shaped buttons.
 I opened the shadow box and put the buttons in...........
Nice, but needs a little something to set it off a little don't ya think?
I trimmed down some washi tape to fit and stuck it right on the frame.
Now you know my favorite thing about this project is that after Valentine's Day is over, the tape peels right off, the buttons come out and it's ready for a new makeover  For now though, I'm enjoying it just the way it is!
 Thank you Judy.....I love this little shadow box!
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Friday, January 25, 2013


I am loving these little candy boxes for Valentines Day because they look like a million bucks and they cost less than a quarter!
 Yes, I said less than a quarter.  Including candy.  Which is good, because I ate all of the m&m's that I used making THIS project.  Candy doesn't last long around my house.....just sayin.

I found these wedding favor boxes on the clearance shelf at Hobby Lobby.  I loved the vector design on the front. The clear, heart-shaped cellophane top shows off the contents.  Perfect for Valentines Day!
 Really....a smokin deal.  $3.49 divided by 25 makes them 13.6 cents a box.  Even at full price they're only a quarter a piece.  You might want to visit the wedding aisle once in a while at Hobby Lobby.
I have a cool ribbon punch.  If you don't have one of these and you are a crafter, you might want to put one on your list!  So easy!
Since the boxes come flat, they are so easy to punch.  I punched out some slots and tied a cute pink ribbon bow on the top of this box. (I put the ribbon on the front in some, like the first pic.)  I should mention that the boxes pop up in one quick step and no adhesive is required.
Fill the box with some candy from the Dollar Store.  I used Sixlets in some and Conversation Hearts in others.  I was thinking tic tacs, gum, jawbreakers or jellybeans would also be nice.
 Cute right?  So inexpensive and so easy!  So I gave my first one away yesterday to my hairdresser, Kelly.  He laughed at the heart that said "text me" and said they have actually improved the flavor since he was a kid!  
 He's awesome and he puts up with me politely every time I walk in his door with a picture and say, "Will my hair do this?"  (Usually the answer is "no" as I have super thin, fine hair.) He'll be mad that I put hearts all over his picture.....but he really is a sweetie!  

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