Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm not really done with St. Patrick's Day projects, but I made some really cute Easter candy last weekend and I wanted to share it with you today.
Are these not the cutest little things?  (They're just a little bigger than a quarter.)

I found these adorable miniature chocolate bunnies at The Dollar General for $1. 
You can find them wherever Russell Stover Candies are sold.  The package is about the size of a package of m&m's, so you can imagine how tiny these chocolate bunnies are with 60 in a pack.  Perfect size for just about anything.  
Remember at Valentines when I posted about the Valentine Cherry Fudge with only two ingredients?  Just store-bought frosting and white chocolate chips!
Well, I had one good blog friend tell me she made that and followed the recipe and it was very good, but turned out softer than mine.  I'm particularly fond of that girl and it drove me crazy trying to figure that out because it turned out so perfectly for me.  So, I was determined to play with the recipe and see if I could figure out what may have gone wrong.
I played around with flavors, because you can make this with any flavor that canned frosting comes in.  I tried lemon, using inexpensive store brand Creamy Lemon frosting and white chocolate chips.   Turned out perfectly, not to mention so creamy and the lemon flavor was really good.
Then I tried Chocolate...using the Whipped Chocolate Frosting and  chocolate almond bark instead of chips.  Turned out perfectly and I have to say, that this was definitely the most fudge-like of all of the combinations.  For both the lemon and the chocolate, I used a little silicone ice cube tray from the dollar store for a mold.
 Next up....buttercream.  This is where I decided to go all Easter, because I remembered the buttercream eggs of my childhood.  I used the Whipped Buttercream frosting from Betty Crocker for these......
They turned out perfect and the cuteness overload of kissing bunnies is fabulous, but I will say that I found the buttercream flavor to be almost too rich by itself.  I decided to see if I could layer the buttercream and chocolate to tone it down a little......
  I used the plastic molds that the chocolate almond bark came in to make these little buttercream topped chocolate bars. I cut one in half so you could see the inside and how it kind of layered itself.  The chocolate definitely toned down the richness of the buttercream, not to mention made them look like little frosted cake bites.  
I just used some little foil mini cupcake papers to make some of them look like little cupcakes. wrap up this rather long post on making some awesome Easter candy...
Just melt a bag of chips (white or chocolate) in the microwave and stir in a can of store-bought frosting (whatever flavor you like).  Spoon it into the mold of your choice.  I have used ice cube molds, the plastic molds almond bark comes in, tin foil mini cupcake papers and I've even used cookie cutters laid out on wax paper. (You can see an example of that HERE.) The recipe is very forgiving...if it starts to get hard, you can just stick it back in the microwave for 10 seconds and it's soft again.  Then, put them in the fridge for an hour.  Take them out, run a knife around the edges and unmold.  So awesome and so easy!

Once again, I would like to give credit to The Lady With the Red Rocker blog, where I first found this recipe.  She made strawberry.  Now I want to try strawberry and chocolate next!  

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspiration Cafe - Mary's Got a Monogram for YOU!

today sharing a quick and easy home decor craft...


Head over to the Cafe to check out her great share!

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So for all of you Downton Abbey know that servant's bell they show at the beginning of the series every time?  Well...I made one.
 This is the one from the show...
Want to know how I did it?
Then you'll have to go over to my guest post at Kirb Appeal today, because Kirby is a HUGE Downton Abbey fan and I made this just for that guest post.  You can check it out by going to Kirb Appeal. 

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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ummm another project made from something I was going to throw away.  It took me 5 minutes and cost me almost nothing.
Lemi Shine is the best product for removing hard water residue on your glassware and dishes.  Just add it to your dishwasher.  Then, don't throw away that cute little container.  Peel off the's not even glued on.
These are some stickers I got after St. Patrick's Day last year...1/2 price.  I always get my seasonal stuff after the holidays are over.
Apply the stickers to the container.
Wait for magic leprechaun to appear.
 Fill with whatever you like.  I think I'll fill mine with Lucky Charms...or maybe green m&m's and give it to the Golden Child.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I love Irish music!  The lively fiddles, the merry flutes and the beautiful words about lovely green glens.  
I'm not Irish, I didn't grow up in an Irish household with my mother singing "Irish Lullabye" all the time.  But there is one Irish song that I do remember my mother singing.  My sister, Jennifer and I would always ask her to sing it because we loved it so.  It is called "Kerry Dance" and I made this frame to remind me of it.
The framed first line of this song is a nice addition to some of my other St. Patrick's Day decor.

 It's a lovely song and really, you should listen to just a minute of it.
(If I can get my sister Jennifer to sing it, I'll post that video for you because she has a beautiful voice and I would love for you to hear it.)
The Kerry dance itself is a type of dancing done in county Kerry in Ireland. It is also called "Rince Fada" It is said to be an earlier form of the Virginia Reel, but the Kerry Dance is livelier with more high stepping and fancier footwork.  You can see an example of The Kerry Dance in this video.....

 The song itself is a reminisce of days gone by.  I have heard this song both fast and slow.  Sung quickly, it's a merry dance tune.  When sung slowly, it's more like a beautiful lullabye.  Here are the lyrics, in case you are interested.

 Kerry Dance

Oh, the days of the Kerry dancing
Oh, the ring of the piper's tune
Oh, for one of those hours of gladness
Gone, alas, like our youth, too soon.

When the boys began to gather
In the glen of a summer's night
And the Kerry piper's tuning
Made us long with wild delight!
Oh, to think of it
Oh, to dream of it
Fills my heart with tears!

Was there ever a sweeter Colleen
In the dance than Eily More
Or a prouder lad than Thady
As he boldly took the floor.

Lads and lasses to your places
Up the middle and down again
Ah, the merry hearted laughter
Ringing through the happy glen!
Oh, to think of it
Oh, to dream of it
Fills my heart with tears!

Time goes on, and the happy years are dead
And one by one the merry hearts are fled
Silent now is the wild and lonely glen
Where the bright glad laugh will echo ne'er again
Only dreaming of days gone by in my heart I hear.

Loving voices of old companions
Stealing out of the past once more
And the sound of the dear old music
Soft and sweet as in days of yore.

When the boys began to gather
In the glen of a summer's night
And the Kerry piper's tuning
Made us long with wild delight!
Oh, to think of it
Oh, to dream of it
Fills my heart with tears!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's been a little while since I did one of these posts where I like to introduce you to a blogger you may not know, but I'm back today with an awesome one!  Meet Anne, from Design Dreams by Anne.
I couldn't tell you when I started following Anne and her wonderful blog, but probably not soon enough!  When I have a little time, I like to browse her blog and see what earlier posts I've missed. 
I asked Anne to share three of her favorite posts, then I'll pick three of her projects that I love. 
Anne's favorites.....
A Baby Greenhouse Is Born
This was one of those posts where I yelled at my husband, who was in another room, to come look at this because I want it on my deck!  Isn't it fabulous?!
Home Made Chalk Paint Project
 Seriously, she's going to share how to make your own chalk paint.  I don't know which is more exciting...the recipe or the project.  They're both amazing!
The Sunflower
 If Anne hadn't chosen this one, I sure would have!  She has taken up painting with an amazing flourish and she does a great job!  When I commented on this post, she sent  me a video of how to paint a flower.  It looks easier than it is, I'm sure.  I want to try painting and someone recently told me I could pick up some inexpensive paint sets at Big Lots.  I'm going to give it a try!  Anne has certainly inspired me!
Here are a few of my favorites posts from Anne's blog....
A Little Bit of France
I loved these little nesting tables with their French themed makeovers.  Anne has a whole category of Ikea Hacks on her blog and I can get lost just browsing through those!
Funky Boat Lantern Lamp
 This post on "how to make a battery powered light from a candle holder" was fascinating to me for two reasons.  First, I often see cute tea light or votive holders that I think would make a great lamp.  Second, I have some places that could use a little light and I don't have an outlet nearby.
Bathroom Sneak Peek
Because I'm planning a little bathroom makeover this summer, I enjoyed this post.....really all of her bathroom projects!  Anne is a serious DIY girl and I'm pretty envious of that fact! 
If you want to learn even more about the awesomeness that is Anne, you can check out I'm In the Bloglight because she was featured on Hometalk (how great is that?!) and it is a much more in-depth article than this one!
I feel lucky to have Anne as a blog friend whose kind comments always encourage me and make me smile!  I think you'll like her too, which is why I'm sharing her with you today!  Head on over to Design Dreams by Anne and see what she's been up to.  You'll be glad you did!
Thank you Anne, for letting me feature you here today!  You have inspired me in so many ways!  You make me dream big with so many of your projects and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Had a Plan.......

I had a plan for this weekend.  I really did.  I was determined.  You guys know that I totally suck at stenciling, despite some very good lessons from my friend Donna at  Distressed Donna Down Home.  I wanted a Silhouette so that I could do some fabulous lettering.  I got money for Christmas to buy one, but there was something else I needed. (I'm very practical when it comes to those things.) 
Then Suzan at Simply Suzan did this fabulous table makeover for us at the Inspiration Cafe.
Suzan's Table
She used graphite paper to put that lettering on the table top.  Oooooh!  This was new to me.  I ran right out to get some graphite paper and planned to make a sign this weekend.  I gathered all my supplies......
Oh yes!  I was very excited to make a little sign.  You know, just a little practice before I did my very first furniture piece.  But, then this happened.....
 Yep....we had our grandson over the weekend.  5 year olds are extremely busy and have zero tolerance for crafting gramma's.  ZERO!!  He is the Golden Child.  He is "the boss of me".  I am shamelessly powerless when it comes to him.  He can pretty much get me to do anything.  (Including let him sleep in the box my new vacuum cleaner came in.)  He is joyfully exhausting.  I gladly put my crafting and blogging on hold for the weekend.  
So my project didn't get done and I have nothing to show you today.  But.....Suzan from Simply Suzan has posted another furniture makeover at the Inspiration Cafe this morning and you should go check it out because it's awesome!  And on that note.....The Golden Child and I will bid you goodbye.
(He told me that when you turn six, you don't blow kisses anymore.  I'm grateful for a little time until he turns six.)   

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspiration Series - Natalies Awesome Upcycle

Nat from NorthShore Days is at Inspiration Cafe today, she and her hubby upcycled an old dresser into a modern functional TV cabinet...

 The whole corner of the room has opened right up and it looks so spacious, modern and clean. 

Nat is also loving all the extra natural light too.


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

SHAMROCK WALL DECOR Mystery revealed and Tutorial

I asked yesterday if you could guess what this is made of..... 
If I had told you that it could be found in your dairy aisle at the supermarket, it might have been too easy to guess.

A few of you guessed it....
The Feral Turtle - who has one of the most amazing recycle projects I have ever seen!  See it HERE. 
Distressed Donna Distressed Donna Down Home - killer vintage makeovers and cutest tags EVER!
What We Keep - Tina actually  got out a ruler and measured a package of this cheese to be sure! Gotta love that!
Del's Shells - who makes fabulous jewelry with some amazing shells.  (I know because I have some of it.) 
Pondered Primed Perfected {P3} - who just made the coolest Lazy Suzanne..see it HERE. 
Thanks for all the fun guesses everyone!

Yep, those cute little wedges of cheese come in the most awesome cardboard circle box that I never really thought about until the other day.(I think in some places it's also called "Laughing Cow Cheese".)  Here is something I never noticed about them.....
 Uh-huh...they have these two little holes already punched in the side of them.  I have no idea why, but I did instantly have an idea of what to do with them!  A St. Patrick's Day Wall Hanging!
First I had to cover up the labels.  I decided on some fabric, because I have a lot of green's my favorite color.
I cut some circles out of some green fabric.  If you want a great tip on how to make fabric stiff enough to use in crafting without fraying and still be pliable, you can find it HERE.    
I attached the circles to the front and back of the container with a little ModPodge.  
I also cut a couple of smaller circles out of some pretty contrasting paper and applied them to the center of the fabric circle.  I made a little shamrock template out of some plastic, traced around it on yet another piece of fabric and applied it with ModPodge as well.
Pretty much ended up looking like this....
Now before I put the front and back of the box together, I needed to figure out how to hang it.  Enter this awesome Goodwill score
 Oh silk corded tassels.....and on half price day too, making them a quarter each!  Perfect!  I taped the end of one off, cut it, slid it through those two strange little holes in the box and made a loop for hanging.  Then I covered the sides of the box with a couple of strips of fabric that I cut notches into to accommodate the cording.
Just a touch of bling around the edges and I'm finished!
  Not too shabby for something that was about to go in the trash bin.

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