Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some Down Time....

I've decide to enjoy some down time for awhile, so I'm taking a break from blogging.  A break from writing posts, from reading posts and from facebook.  In fact, I chose to deactivate my facebook account for the time being.  I will miss everyone, but I'm looking forward to getting some other things done that I have been putting off.  I'm also looking forward to fall...and the upcoming holidays.  I will reevaluate in the New Year.  In the meantime...
it's been a lovely ride!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Today I have the good fortune of being a guest over at Amy's blog, Stow and Tell U.  Stop over and check out these cute charms I made out of something you probably see all of the time and never really took notice of.
You can check them out by clicking HERE.  While you are there, spend some time cruising Amy's blog because she has some wonderful projects that are so inspiring.  Let me just show you a few of my faves....
Decoupage Paint Stick Magnets
Raw Hide Faux Leather Storage Boxes
So head on over and get to know Amy if you don't already!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


A lot of crazy things have been happening to me lately.  Not necessarily fun things either.  Like right now, this is how my house looks.....
I am thankful that my new floors that failed are getting replaced, but this kind of stuff just freaks me out!  I mean there has been a couch in my kitchen for a week and it's making me crazy.  My usually calm and serene family room where I like to relax and used to look like this....
....looks like this right now....
which is mostly my craft room stuff along with my dining table.  Arghhhh!!  I'm feeling very twitchy.
But....there is a ray of sunshine in this week's craziness.  Today I am featured in the Spotlight over at Junk Chic Cottage.  Yep, Kris  has asked me to join in the fun at the "Life Behind the Blogger" series and thank goodness, because it will take my mind off of the chaos that is surrounding me right now!  So, if you want to know some of my history and life other than blogging, head on over to Junk Chic Cottage and while you're there, poke around Kris's wonderful blog for a while.  You can get there by clicking HERE, or the box below. 

I'm turning my comments off for this post.  I'm hopefully going to be busy putting my house back together this weekend.  Hope yours is a lovely one!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This post is all about making a dream out of a disaster.
Lovely isn't it?  It wasn't always so.  It was born from a disaster.  
I had this fun little cabinet.  I got it at an antique store on sale for $20.00 and it really wasn't that great, but I fell in love with the door on it and used it for years.
I decided to use it in my new coastal themed bedroom, but it was going to have to be prettied up a little first.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Old Ochre Chalk Paint.  Two coats.  It was beautiful.  I gave it two coats of Miss Mustard Seed Clear Wax.  It was gorgeous.  I was buffing out the last coat when my table broke and the whole cabinet came crashing down onto my concrete garage floor.  That beautiful door broke.
I said a lot of swears.  Sam felt bad enough for me that he tried to fix it with some Gorilla Glue and clamps.
I was fearful that it wouldn't hold up to the pulling that a cabinet door would get.  I decided to touch up the damaged paint on the rest of the cabinet and use it without the door.  I couldn't toss the door though because I loved it so.  I decided to make a little sign out of it and maybe something to hang my robe and jammies on.
I had this metal sign that said "Dream" and I wired it onto the front.
I also had this awesome metal seahorse pull that I was going to use on the door anyway, but it was "chippy" and I wanted it bright and clean.  I gave it a coat of spray paint.

So began the bones of this new project.

I taped the edges and gave the border a quick coat of Annie Sloan "Provence".
 Then, I just left it out and stared at it for about 2 weeks.  I tried several things and settled on some beach glass, shells, starfish and glass stones - all attached with my trusty finger-burnin' hot glue gun.
I added a few the wrong place, which led to adding a few more shells.  Finally, I was pretty happy with it and mounted it to my walk-in closet door.
I did salvage the rest of that cabinet, but that's a different post coming soon to a computer screen near you.
In the mean time, I'm enjoying my new robe hook/sign.  
Kind of goes with my beachy wreath don't ya think?
I have had a lot of fun making decor for my master bedroom...maybe too much fun.  As soon as I get the mate to my nightstand and paint it, I'll show you the rest.  In the mean time...I'm packing up my craft room and moving everything out of it because I'm getting all of my flooring replaced, except the kitchen.  That's right...all of that beautiful coastal cypress that was installed less than 5 months ago has to be replaced.  Installation failure.  Glad we had professionals do it because I would not want to have to fight that fight with the company myself.  So....replacement won't cost me anything, but can I just tell you what a pain in the butt packing everything up and moving it out is?  It seems like I just did that!  (Oh's because I did.)  I know...first world problem, but still.  I can tell you that some swears were said over that issue as well. (My swear jar overfloweth.) Hope it ends as well as my cabinet door disaster.

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Monday, September 1, 2014


That's right, I'm a Pink Lady today and that is something I have never said before.  However, when Tuula asked me to do a guest post for her "Think Pink" series, I couldn't say "no".  
I did a little reverse painting tutorial, but it's not this one....
Nope...the theme is pink, so head on over to The Thrifty Rebel and see what I made.  I'll even teach you how to make one to suit your own or otherwise.