Tuesday, February 14, 2012


- Leo Tolstoy

Isn't that a beautiful quote for this special day?

Here are a few Valentine's Day facts to ponder:

"Wearing your heart on your sleeve" is more than just a phrase.  In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names to see who their Valentine would be.  They would wear the name pinned to their sleeve for one week so that everyone would know their supposed true feelings.

True love is apparently not that hard to find.  Over two million marriages take place in the United States every year.  That means there are more than 6,000 a day!

It's not the most popular holiday for greeting cards.  According to the Greeting Card Association, 190 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine's Day the second most popular greeting card-giving occasion, after Christmas.

 So there ya go!  Now, since it is finally Valentine's Day, I'm doing a wrap-up of all of my Valentines crafts and a few recipes that I made in preparation for the arrival of February 14th.
I made this fun bracelet

I made this Valentine frame  project that was my first "feature".

I made this Pearled Heart wall hanging that was featured more than once!

I made this Map Art Wall Hanging.  My first "Map" project.

I made this Western Wall Hanging with some leather out of my son's first cowboy boots.

I got hungry and made this Sweet Valentine Party Mix 
I was inspired by a kid project and made this Valentine Votive Holder 
I got bored one day and did a Candle Makeover with pretty beads and pearls.

I had some fun making these cute Matchbox Candy Holders .

 I had a most enjoyable afternoon making different kinds of Valentine Containers to put treats in. 
That was a really fun and relaxing day!

I spent one really pleasant morning just decorating my house for Valentines Day.

Well, that's my Valentine's Day wrap-up and I sure had a lot of fun and I may have had my fill of red and pink for a while!
Until next year.....

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