Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Trip to Hobby Lobby With My Husband!?

This is my husband Sam and one of my grandsons, Jacob.  I adore them both.  Sam, because he still makes me feel like a princess in a fairytale after 20 years of marriage. And Jacob, well...c'mon, just look at him. (His whole goal in life right now is to make my heart happy and he's great at it!)
Sam is lots of fun, but he is NOT a shopper.  His idea of shopping is, "Let's get what we came for and get out of here!" Yesterday morning, I had a trip to town planned, that included a leisurely stroll through Hobby Lobby.  As I'm heading in, Sam calls and asks me if I can pick him up at the transmission shop, as he is leaving his truck there for some work.  I told him I could, BUT, I had planned on poking in Hobby Lobby and he would have to go with me before I dropped him back at work in our hometown.  Because he is wonderful, (or maybe he just really wanted a ride), he agreed. 
When I picked him up, I told him that I could fore go some of my other stops, but I really had my heart set on poking around in Hobby Lobby.  "No problem!", he said. "Take your time!"  Seriously, he said that.....about Hobby Lobby!  He did not know they were having a great sale on lots of things I needed and I was planning on stocking up on craft supplies through spring!!!
But.....he was good, patient and even helped me look for a few things, only wandering off a time or two.  He occasionally feigned interest in some of the things I picked up and had a few well thought out suggestions for me. But most of all, he didn't even cringe when the cashier announced the total of my purchases!  I know that right there took a lot of self-control!!!  What a guy....he's a keeper. 
Here are my purchases and I can't wait to get started on some of my springtime crafts and share them with you!
Oh...except for these cute little bunnies....they are so tiny.  I ordered them from somewhere else!

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