Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Computer Frustration

Aaaaarghhhh!  My computer was dragging all week.  It was taking me an unbelievable amount of time just to make a comment on some one's awesome project, which made Linky Party's almost impossible. This is how I feel when my computer is sad:

(Isn't that a funny picture??'s my grandson Jacob, and he was so unhappy that I told him "No!" when he wanted to touch an electrical outlet.*  The reason I think it's funny is that he never shed a single tear!! But, he would look at me and try to cry.  We did this like 10 times before he gave up.)

 I love linking up my projects and sharing them, but even more than that, I love seeing everyone elses stuff and visiting their blogs.  I get so much inspiration from other people out there in blog land and I love to leave them a comment and let them know!  But......when your computer is's almost impossible to enjoy the blog world.  It went into the shop and I got it back last night.  Now I'm playing catch up.  If I missed a reply or comment, I'm really sorry and I'm hoping to get back to everyone today. 
My computer seems to be better, but I'm nervous about it!!  We're about to find out as I go off to see what every one's up to today.  Maybe this afternoon I'll do another St. Patrick's Day project.  Anyway, I'm a happier girl today.  I feel like this:
Hope you find something special in your day today!

* Please don't email me and tell me I should buy those child-proof plug things.....I watch my Grandchildren like a hawk when they are over and I'm a believer in telling them "No" when they need to hear it! And just so ya know.....he never tried to touch an outlet again.  He survived that whole ordeal of sadness of Grandma telling him "No" and the above picture is him about 2 minutes later.

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