Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Magnetic Sticky Note Holder Frame

Remember those photo frames I told you about a few days ago?  Well, I have seen a few Sticky Note holders on Pinterest and I was inspired.  There is a really cute one from Dotted Line Crafts, you can see it  here.  I pinned it to my Pinterest Bucket List which you can see at the top of this page.  I finally made one and here is the finished project:
It's got a little bling goin on there.  I pretty much made it the way I made my photo holder.  I gathered some cardstock, ribbon, bling and tissue paper that complimented the yellow sticky notes. (I used small sticky notes for this one and bigger ones for different one.)

I used double stick tape (man they should be payin me...I love that stuff!) and put all the background card stock and tissue paper together.  Then, I slid it in the plastic sleeve frame.  I added some bling to the outside of the frame for a little dimension.  I probably spent more time picking out the add-ons than I did making the whole rest of it! Finally, I put the sticky notes on there.  It lives in a happy place stuck to a metal file cabinet in my craft room.  That way when I use up the last of something, I can jot it down right then and there! (I'm going to make one for my pantry next.)

Here is one I made with some pansy fabric cut-outs for my daughter in law, Kim.  She loves purple and I used the bigger sticky notes on this one. 

 It's kind of hard to tell here, but I put some of the flowers on the inside and some on the outside of the frame for a little dimension again.  This was a super fast and super easy project and I'm going to make some more of these. 
Enjoy your day!

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  1. What a great idea! I use sticky notes a lot, but they are always floating around different places in my kitchen or on my desk. This will be nice to make them stay put!