Monday, August 11, 2014

The Blog Train Tour.....

All aboard?  Maybe  not, but let me tell you I have found some fun new blogs on the whole blog tour train!  I had seen a few post about it and then I got a wonderful email from the fabulous Virginia at Artsy VaVa inviting me to climb aboard.  I was pretty excited because back when I first started blogging, let me tell you, I was seeing her blog featured everywhere and I was always amazed at her projects. 
I fell in love with this simple project.....
Tin Tile Tree
Her beautiful pictures and great sense of humor in this post about the Blarney Stone, made me feel like I was right there in Ireland with her!  (I always wanted to try this...until I read her post about why I shouldn't! Check it out....)
Don't Kiss the Blarney Stone
Since Halloween is coming right up (oh yes it is!), let me show you won of my favorite posts over at Artsy VaVa.  Can you guess what these are made of?  This is just one example of her awesome jewelry, but you'll find more at her blog!
A Pair Of Pumpkin Pendants
One of her more recent project that just blew me away were these four cable spool projects, because I have some cable spools.
4 DIY Cable Spool Projects
When it comes to furniture, Virginia's Peacock Chair is just awesome!
The Peacock Chair
So head on over to Artsy VaVa and get yourself some inspiration because there is plenty of it to be found there!
As for the 4 blog train questions I'm supposed to answer now....
1). What am I working on right now?
Well, since we bought a house last December and spent the entire spring renovating it, I'm working on making some of my own decor for it.  This weeks project is for my coastal-inspired bedroom.
I'm planning on using it with this wreath that I made...
Beach Wreath
2) How does my work differ from others in it's genre?
I'd love to be able to answer this question, but it's a hard one and I'm not sure mine differs that greatly.  I just like to put my own spin on whatever I'm making and make it fit my own ecclectic style and decor.  For instance, I love all of the pallet projects out there in blog land, so when I needed a shelf in my living room one fall, I made a pallet shelf that I could customize in a few different ways...
Pallet Shelf
Right now it looks like this....
I guess making decor that is multifunctional would be my style.

3.) Why do I write/create what I do?
This may be the easiest question of all and I'll answer it backwards. I create the things I create because either a) I can't find exactly what I want in a store, or b) because it's too expensive when I do or c) I just think I can do it better than what I find in stores.  As for the writing part....well, I think it's the same for most of us bloggers...we are proud of what we make and we want to talk about it a little and to be honest...not everyone in our everyday life cares to hear all about what we did with our paint or hot-glue gun today. LOL!  But, in the blog world, we find a ton of like-minded people who are interested in the process and happy to learn a few tips and tricks or pick up a little inspiration.  I also think they (meaning YOU) appreciate the process and realize what it takes to create.  Most people walk in my house and say, "Oh I love this! Where did you buy it?"  My blogs friends see something in the background of a photo and email and ask, "Did you make that?"  Big difference, eh?
4) How does my creative process work? 
Another easy question... I either need something, want something or am inspired by something one of you make and then try to figure out if I can make it using stuff I already have.  Sometimes I can do it, and sometimes it requires a trip to town (which I don't love doing) but most of the time I have what I need or I can make what I have work.  I have a lot and I mean a lot, of crafting supplies because I spent a lot of years living in a cabin on a mountain in Montana where the winters are long and cold and you'd better find something to do to keep from going crazy!  

And that is the end of my blog train post.  And I do mean the in the caboose, because sadly, I had a terrible time finding anyone who hadn't already done this blog train, or because school was starting up they didn't want to make a commitment.  I had a few who wanted to do it and one got really sick and the other had a family emergency and had to back out at the last minute.  I also had some wonderful friends who, even though they had already done it, said they would do it again, but I couldn't make them do that.  So....if you are reading this and want to help keep this train running, hit me up and I'll tell you how it goes, there's still plenty of time!!  
Thank you again Virginia at Artsy VaVa, for inviting me along and I'm sorry that I ended up being the caboose of this train.  (At least for now....until one of my blog friends says they'll take a fun ride!)


  1. Caboose or not, love the post. A great tribute to Virginia's talent. Fun facts about your craftiness. I did notice you left out that poor wreath you keep repurposing and repurposing. You, my friend, are both clever and creative!

  2. Loved hearing more about who you are! and I agree with you about Artsy VaVa too!

  3. You make an awesome caboose Danni! Love your creativeness and your cleverness! Do you have pics of your cabin in Montana? Would love to see a post on that!

  4. Love this, Danni, and you're absolutely right about people in our everyday life are probably sick of hearing about our new adventures . . . I know I'm tuned out at times, but in the blogging world there's always someone interested one way or another and I love reading about all of your experiences, dear one!

  5. Loved reading your answers, Danni ! It's true ... our everyday family/friends are not really that much interested in how or why we make things {or what goes into a dessert!}, so, yes, I agree, we write to share with like minded people :-)

  6. Loved reading your post Danni, and you're so right about this blogging thing. Our everyday people don't want to hear about our projects all the time. It's great to share with other bloggers who have the same interests. I really enjoy how you use ordinary things to make extraordinary things. Love that pallet shelft btw

  7. Hi Danni, hopped over from Virginias blog. She linked her blog tour post to my link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing the things that make you happy. Virginia is a very talented gal! Happy to meet you and glad that you joined the tour!

  8. I know what you mean about finding stuff to do in the mountains! We hope to not spend the winters here, but if we did I'd have to have my craft room pimped up too!

  9. You know the caboose is the cutest car on the train, right? I love the "...not everyone in our everyday life cares to hear all about what we did with our paint or hot-glue gun today." So true!!

  10. Enjoyed reading what you had to say :)

  11. Oh, what a fun post! Loved to see what you were working on and here about the method that goes into your madness :).

  12. You really struck a nerve about why we blog. It is so true! Nobody gets me at home, but out here in the land of blog live all my crafty soulmates. A great post, Danni! Loved seeing Virginia's work, too.

  13. Great post Danni! I'm so glad you blog!

  14. Virginia's projects always blow me away. I saw that painted chair a few weaks ago and WOW! I love that pallet shelf of yours, Danni. And I truly do love the way you can pull what you already have together into a project so easily. What a fun post!! If you still need a new caboose, let me know.

  15. I enjoyed reading about you and learning things

  16. Love this Danni! Well written and I agree that my blog family too appreciates my projects more than my real life people do at times. Especially when I start changing things. People that don't get it think "why don't you just leave it alone, it looks fine"... my blog friends understand!

  17. I can't wait to see that coastal bedroom reveal! I agree that it's great to have blog friends who understand wanting to make something out of nothing. It's always fun to find out a little more about the blogger behind the great projects!

  18. I am with Maureen and can't wait to see your bedroom - it's going to look so nice with those colors and the theme.

    I just love your pallet shelf and really need to make one of my own. You always accessorize your shelf perfectly.

    Great post, dear Danni! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :) Have a wonderful day!

  19. What a great post! I am so glad we met through blogging! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  20. Oh I'm so sorry to be this late Danni - I knew you were coming up with the tour !
    I couldn't find anyone for mine either LMHO -
    Love that pallet shelf ( new to me because I don't remember it at all ) and I remember that post Artsy did on the blarney stone lol
    When is the coastal bedroom reveal?

  21. Hi Danni,
    Loved your interview tour questions. I cannot wait to see the coastal bedroom reveal. I know it will be great.