Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I love butter, there is no denying it.  I'm a girl who likes to have her baked potato with tons of butter....possibly even to the point of buoyancy.  A hot dinner roll doesn't have enough butter unless that first bite sends some running down my chin.  Yeah.  Well, I'm having to be a little more health conscious these days and the days of lakes and rivers of butter are pretty much over for me.  I can still have it, just in moderation.  So...I've been enjoying some herb butters that give just a little bit of butter a big punch of flavor.
My latest favorite is this Cilantro Lime Herb Butter.  It's delicious on corn on the cob, black beans, rice or warm tortillas and I imagine many other things, but those are what I've tried it on so far.  Don't you just love those little pats of butter set out on a table?  Perfect portion control for me, but also just a little on the elegant side.
This was so easy.  All I did was soften a stick of butter, add a couple of tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice and about 3 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro.  I used a small whisk to make sure it was mixed well.  Then I used a little spatula to smoosh it into a couple of flexible ice cube trays ($1 from the dollar store).
It's a little messy, but just wipe the edges clean and stick it in the fridge for a day to let the flavors blend.  
You can just pop them right out and into a ziploc bag and store them in the freezer....
or, you can put them out on a tray on your dinner table and impress your guests....
 I had a little left over, so I filled a couple of those little salad dressing containers that you get from a restaurant (yes, I wash them and save them *sigh*).  They hold just enough to add to a dish of rice or a pan of black beans.  Yummmmm.
If you want to try another amazing herb butter, check out this mouth-watering wonderfulness from my friend Maureen over at It's All Connected.  It's a Gourmet Herb Butter for Steak and I can testify that it will take your steaks up a level or three.  Just try it.
Gourmet Herb Butter for Steak
I can tell you that there will be plenty of grilling going on this week because we are looking at possible triple digit temps and that pretty much means I'm not turning on the oven.  I will however be spending plenty of time out in said heat, because this is happening at my house right now....
We'll be putting in some french drains, spreading all of that gravel, and then pouring a concrete patio and adding some gravel walkways to our back yard.  Okay...we'll be having the patio poured, but we'll be doing the rest....outside...in triple digit temperatures....and then we'll have steak on the grill, with herb butter....and lots of iced tea.   
Thank you Maureen for letting me link to you and your recipe today!


  1. That sounds so yummy, Danni! Will have to try the butter pats along with the steak and iced tea. You can sure make a mouth water!!!

  2. That looks delicious. I cannot wait to try and make some myself. Looks like you will be quite busy today...stay cool!

  3. I love herb butters...they are so good over a hot steak!

  4. "...to the point of buoyancy.." ahahahahaha!
    Herbed butter is the bomb.
    Have them put in a pool while they have those diggin' machines outside. No? A pond? A Finn-sized tub?

  5. Like Cheryl said - I laughed out loud " to the point of buoyancy " !!!
    I LOVE butter and this looks delicious - pinning for sure ( think I pinned Maureen's when she did the post but going back to make sure )
    I save those little containers too LOL - now I know what to use them for !
    Have a great day Danni ( I wish it were hotter here right now - we're going through a bizarre drop in temp here - unheard of for August - figures when I finally have a pool )

  6. I love cilantro! I'm the only one here who does... perfect! I can fix this up for me and no one here will eat it all up! And don't they look pretty! And portion control is a must!

  7. It looks divine, Danni ! I like to serve butter in individual portions as well, family will love your flavored butter, but seems it is a no, no for me now !

  8. Mmmm... 'Looks and sounds wonderful! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. fantastic idea...I need to get some of those ice cube trays. Looks great at the dinner table...and I absolutely love butter

  10. Okay - you are a genius for freezing your pats of butter. I LOVE cilantro (just can't get enough of it), so I'm definitely doing this.

    That aside - triple digit temperatures? Oh no... I would melt into a big pile of whininess. I'll be thinking about you, lady! :)

  11. Yum, you have me drooling like Maureen did when she did hers, one day ill actually do it.

  12. This looks yummy! I LOVE butter, too! (The real stuff.)

  13. YUM! I love Cilantro so this is right up my alley. Thanks for the inspiration, dear Danni.

  14. Thanks for the link back to my steak butter recipe! We butter loving girls have to just can't find enough ways to get our fix! You cilantro lime butter would be delicious on grilled salmon. pinning! I wish I could send you some of our downright chilly weather until you get your yard work done.

  15. I am pinning this. That would be such a wonderful gift with a loaf of homemade bread! I love anything concrete and landscaping. Looking forward to your backyard post! Happy barbecuing!

  16. Oh my yes!! I love butter, plain and flavored. I hate margarine...the bane of society.
    Days of Lakes and Rivers of Butter....awesome turn of phrase my dear Danni!
    I will have to google French drains!?!

  17. I had a friend, who's mother used to collect butter pats from restaurants. He showed me their freezer once, and it was filled to the brim with a very vast array of restaurant butter pats! It's not often that I get to bring up that butter pat collection, but the time seemed right, lol.
    I like Feral Turtle's idea. I think your herbed butter would make an excellent gift with a loaf of bread or fresh tortillas, like you suggest. Pinning. Ken and my son will be all over this one!!

  18. Oh yum! Looks delicious and easy. Let the grilling commence :)

  19. Butter...butter....butter.... I, too, love butter. And we're talking BUTTER. Not that fake crap that comes in a tub. And your little pats are so pretty! And I love me a steak, so now I have to check out Maureen's stuff....