Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guest Bedroom

I know I'm slow to post pics of my new house renovation, but I'm catching up a room at a time.  If you come visit me, you'll probably sleep here......
This is the room that the Golden Child occupies at least once a week, but if you follow his simple rules, he'll be happy to share it with you.  (I'll share those rules at the end of this post, just in case you are considering a stay.)
Doing a bedroom that makes a 6 year old boy happy and at the same time is elegant enough for guests was kind of a challenge.  Jacob wanted the walls to be red.  It was one of the few times in his life I had to say "no".  I just couldn't do it. The bed is queen-size and sucks up a lot of space, so I wanted white walls to help make it look a little roomier.  The walls are a solid white and it took a lot of work to make them smooth and pretty, but when I turn on the light, this happens..... 
I love the shadows that the ceiling fan lights cast in this room.
I tried to swipe those globes for my living room, but Jacob said, "NO WAY"!  He loves them too.  
You may remember this fleur-de-lis tile I made when we lived in the old house.  It found a perfect home in this room.
Also, you'll notice in the top picture, we had to add this little plaque to scare away any ghosties, because sleeping in a new room can be a little scary when you're 6.  Sam's grandmother had an embroidered frame with this saying on it....
Don't you love it??!  I read it to him before he goes to bed and he giggles. 
My bedspread and shams came from  I bought them for myself for my birthday, and then didn't want to put them on my bed until we moved.  Then Sam decided he had to have a king-sized bed, so the queen sized bed moved into the guest room and the color scheme of black and white was driven by that.  Which is better than the hot pink color that was in this room when we bought it.....
This little table and step stool have some special meaning to me.
The table top is a piece from the mantel at our first house in Montana, which was our first renovation project ever...demoing a fireplace wall was a serious first project.  The step stool on top of it has 3 little drawers in it.  I picked it up at a little shop in the French Quarter of St. Charles, Missouri when I went on an overnight shopping extravaganza with my good friend Ciree.  It was 4 degrees that day and we had the town to ourselves.  A word about that lamp....I'm workin on it.  I've had 2 craft fails with it and barely got it presentable for use as of right now.  After 2 fails, I'm taking a break from it.  *sigh*
The little sign above the lamp is one of my all-time favorite quotes...
Jacob needed a place to hang his important stuff, like his favorite denim jacket, his whistle, his sunglasses, his headlamp (for night time trips to the loo) and his favorite PEZ ball cap. 
He won't let me tell you what he keeps in the little drawers, but I'll just say that one of them holds a magic key.
And of course, he has to have a place to put his "Big Stuff"....
This cube shelf from Target worked perfectly to hold all of those toys you can't play with (see rules - think Legos) as well as his books, crayons and games.  He put the things on the top shelf himself....
His polar bear, that he doesn't sleep with because "the wormie and the polar bear don't like each other", the boxes in the middle, well again, secret boy stuff, and of course his boxing gloves.  He's a serious boxer....
All of those treasures on the top shelf are crowned by a picture of his daddy, my son William.
Well that's a pretty good tour of the guest bedroom and if you are thinking you might want to come visit, please review Jacobs rules for sleeping in his room.  (He made these up for Suzan from Simply Vintageous.... by Suzan, because SHE is his girlfriend.)
As for the gentle if you choose it because he's been in Jacobs life since he was born. (It's way softer than the squiddy.)


  1. It looks darling but I can't believe you painted over that pink... what were you thinking?! lol

  2. Black and white is always a winning combination ! I can stick to Jacob's rules ... except maybe #4 .. just sounds way too good to leave alone !

  3. Oh, I'd love to stay in that room, Danni! What a lovely combination of kid-friendly and sophistication! Sounds like Sam's grandmother was quite hip and witty! How adorable to be read each night when your grandson visits. Jacob is so cute. But he needs to learn to share his toys with his girlfriend, Susan, when she comes to visit. And she's probably cracking up right now at all his rules . . . who wouldn't, they're so sweet!

  4. I love it, Danni! Can I just say the hot pink is. . .hideous! Okay, just had to get that off my chest :)

    Your transformation is amazing and the room looks elegant yet also very masculine. It really is perfect. And the rules are just too cute! They put a smile on my face :)

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Are you quite sure you do not need a headless torso in this room? I will even share with Jacob if I come to stay. The rules are reasonable, but he needs to add one more for Suzan - Do not paint my furniture white! Post a close-up of the bedding - I may love it enough to buy it!

  6. Just let it be known, that if I ever make it over for a visit, I'm going to have to break at least a couple of the rules. 1-I ALWAYS sleep in the middle of the bed. Comfier there. 2- I will probably have to play with his LEGOS...or at least my children will. :) You've done a great job, and you got your black and white room.

  7. What a sweet room! Jacob is so adorable. I love his pictures.

  8. It looks so comfortable! I'd say the only thing it needs is a headless lifesize doll. With chalkboard paint.
    Jacob is adorable and lucky.

  9. Aaaww... What a sweet post! Don't you love secret boy stuff?! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  10. turned out great! Love the list of rules :)

  11. Oh wow Danni! It turned out beautiful! I love how you made it work for a boy too. And how cute is he! I have a 9 year old Jacob and he knows how to get his way too :-)
    Love how you put the table and step stool together and that it has special memories. Great job Danni!

  12. Ha ha Danni love the rules too cute. The room looks so good for both a 9 year old and for guests. Great job.
    Love this.

  13. Haha, he's quite the taskmaster.
    The room is beautiful Danni & you did a great job of making it both his and suitable for guests. I love that doona cover set, now I'm thinking black & white for my room.

  14. I love the dual-duty of this room...and black-and-white is the perfect way to make it happen!

  15. I love this post. It is just the sweetest and I love that he is willing to share his space and Wormie!!! A very pretty guest room Danni! Way to go girl.

  16. Hee hee hee! Great rules, Jacob, I totally agree with every one! The room is a beautiful mix of nifty boy storage and elegant guest suite - what a success, Danni!

  17. Those rules are sooo cute Danni! And I think they're pretty reasonable too. I think the black and white colour scheme was a great way to make it perfect for guests and little-boy-friendly too. You pulled it off beautifully. Love the van gogh quote!

  18. Jacob's boxer picture could go viral. He is so cute!! What a lucky, lucky kid to have such a room and a sweetheart to be willing to share it. You've got your black and white room after all, and it's so cozy and welcoming!

  19. Jacob is so adorable!!! I love his rules!! Your room looks great! I always love decorating with black and white!~~Ang

  20. Danni you are so adorable in so many wonderful ways. The guest room/Jacob's room is perfect. I love that the table in there has a piece of your Montana home...what a lovely way to keep memories of homes before with you always. The stories about Jacob, though, stole the post. He is such a funny little boy. You are one heck of a grandma.

  21. That picture of Jacob is AWESOME! What a character!!! Oh, and I love the room, too. :P