Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Long before I ever had a blog (or even knew what one was) I found a project "online" that I thought I just HAD to make.   I know now, of course, that it was from someone's awesome blog, I have no idea whose, but back then I just thought it was the coolest Halloween project I had ever seen.  I also told myself I was absolutely going to make it.  Every year at Halloween, I have told myself that.  Never happened....until this year.  It has occupied the better part of my week and I'm almost done.  I'll be sharing it with you soon.  It's hiding right there behind that door and's not the Witch Hand.  I did that simple project last year and if you are looking for a fun, quick and easy Halloween project, that one was a piece of cake!
Witch Hand
Once again, I have disabled my comments, because really..this is just a teaser post.  Now...back to work on my killer project.