Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome Inspiration Cafe Patrons!  It's Danni from Silo Hill Farm today.  Fall is upon us here in the Midwest and with the change in the season comes some changes here at the cafe.  We are considering adding an occasional guest poster to our menu, so if you think you might like to give that a try, just contact any one of our wonderful Inspiration Cafe contributors and let them know!  
Today, I have two fun and easy projects for you, plus a few quick ways to spruce up some of your old fall decor.  Let's start with this:
Last year I had this half pumpkin and although I thought it was really cool in the store....when I brought it home and hung it on my wall....
It just had zero pizazz and I was not lovin it.  This year I decided to cute it up a little and give it some presence.
I found these little leaves in the dollar bin at Michael's and thought they just might do the trick.
Now you don't have to have a half pumpkin to do this, it would be lovely on a regular foam pumpkin or, if you're ambitious and trust yourself with sharp instruments, you can cut a foam pumpkin in half.  Either way, just lay out your leaves the way you think they might look best.

I set my pumpkin in a colander to keep it stable while I worked.  Using white glue, adhere your leaves to the foam pumpkin and add whatever trimmings you like.  I used  some small bittersweet berries.  Easy as pumpkin pie!  Much better don't you think?
Now, because I was happy with this little makeover, I looked around and found a few other things that I thought I could spruce up a bit.
I had an oil candle that just had a ribbon tied around it.  Boring.  I added a few faux leaves from an old garland and a sparkly gem and voila....
Suddenly it has come to life with no money spent.  My favorite kind of project for sure!
Now I'm just looking for more easy, "use what I have" projects.  I'm not a huge fan of raffia, and I've had some for years that I've never used.  Cutting raffia can be a mess and it seems to go everywhere when I use it.  I just looped a bunch of it together and tied it together in the middle with some wire.
 Then I cut open each end of the loop on both sides and trimmed it down to a smaller size.  I wired a piece of bittersweet to hang down from the center and added a little ribbon bow to the center to hide the wire.  
It reminds me of mistletoe.  Autumn Mistletoe...not a bad idea!
If you are a regular follower, you might remember earlier this week I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful buckeyes from Mary at Sweet Little Bluebird.  I have been scattering them all over my fall decor because they are just so much fun!  I had a little mini-vase and I put some of the buckeyes in it and added small pieces of bittersweet.
 This is just a tiny little vase, sitting on an old ceramic insulator that I wrapped in a piece of garden twine.  I can think of several places in my home that have room for something tiny and fall-ish.  Sometimes when something is so simple and beautiful, it doesn't need to make a big statement.  
Pretty much the only money I spent on these four little makeovers was the leaves I got in the dollar bin at Michael's.  Not bad, huh?
The moral of this post is shop local....real your own home!  Sometimes a "fresh coat of paint on the old barn door" looks pretty cute!


  1. It's amazing what a dollar pack of leaves can do to brighten your space! I love how it perked up your pumpkin half!

  2. Those are all precious! I am lovin' the half pumpkin. It is amazing what one can do with things already around the house, if we just really look. I tend to "stop seeing" what is around, kinda the "too close to the forest to see the trees" effect. Every now and then it is good to walk into a room and pretend you have never seen it before.

    1. Thank you are my mystery follower and you always say such nice things. I'd like to know more about you!

    2. Thanks, Danni. I don't think I have ever been a mystery before! What fun. But there is nothing mysterious about me. I just started my blog today, or rather named a blog today. It will be awhile before I actually start posting. It is Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls, and I hope to get it active soon.

  3. That half pumpkin looks much better with the leaves on it! I love it! The buckeyes and bittersweets are pretty too. You've made some nice decorations, and very affordable, too! Okay, I have to admit you are really getting me in the mood for some fall decor. I just may have to bust out the decorations this week!

  4. They look awesome, I'm an Autumn baby, can't help it!

    The leaves on the pumpkin made a huge difference, but the candle is my fav, slap some bling on anything and I'm there :) xo

    I also have a load of raffia, I was knitting a straw bag but it was too itchy to finish, hmmm I have to think how I can use them around the place.

  5. IT is so cute and festive. I'm so behind on my fall decorating. Normally my house is all decked out by now but not this year. I think having two kids in school and a 2 year old at home is more time consuming then I had hoped for. LOL Your pumpkin is so cute I want to go make one now. Thanks for the idea.

  6. That definitely perks up that pumpkin. It's the candle that is really catching my eye! Hmmm - what can I do with mine? It's always inspirational when I visit your cafe! ~ Maureen

  7. I just gotta say how I love that you added the gem to your candel. Such a great touch. I love the bittersweet. Love the raffia. You did great stuff here!

  8. Danni,

    I'm loving your 4 for fall Inspiration Cafe post! I especially love the bittersweet! The weather and colors are starting to turn in Ohio, which I am so happy about - it's my favorite time of year! Thanks for the fun fall shares. I hope you are off to a great week!

  9. These are very fun and affordable - you always come through on the updating with each season. I did not miss the fact that your Autumn clock changed slightly! LOL :>)

  10. Danni, you are going to make the 4th of July totally jealous with all the super cute crafts you are doing for fall. This is adorable!

  11. Danni, the autumn mistletoe gave me a good laugh - such a great and affordable idea! But you had me at half pumpkin and adding the berries ties the whole thing together :) Great projects, so full of life and color :)

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you Marci! You are still showing up as a no-reply blogger!

  13. The oil lamp is fantastic. Not too much, not too little, and that bit of bling in the middle just did it for me! Love your style, lass!

  14. Hi, Dani - just simply adore your autumn mistletoe! Nice work with the raffia that you claim not to like - it looks so chic!

  15. "Shop Local"- as in your own home.
    I LOVE it!
    Looks like fall has definitely arrived. :)

  16. Hi, Danni! Thanks for the tip about "No Reply" blogger status! (A real friend will tell you!) I think it's fixed. Do you mind to test it for me? Thanks again! -Marci

  17. Great projects. Now I want some coffee :)

  18. Hi Danni,

    Your pumpkin is so cute. I've never seen one like it. I love how you decorated it.