Tuesday, August 14, 2012


While my good friends Bud and Linda were visiting from England last week, their daughter Megan asked what the big silver thing she was seeing in the distance was.  I told her it was a barn roof from a neighboring farm called Jade Hills Farms and that they raised Percheron horses there.  She wanted to know if it was possible to go see them.  Well, that was an easy outing I hadn't thought to offer a guest!  Jade Hills Farms owners, John and Sue Billings happen to be friends of ours who also happen to provide the hay rides at our Silo Hill Farm Pumpkin Patch every fall.  They are so awesome!
One quick call and we had an appointment set up for the next morning to get a personal tour of their farm by their daughter Catherine who would be getting the Percheron's ready for the Missouri State Fair and then the Illinois State Fair after that.  Percheron's are huge, and I do mean HUGE, draft horses.  They are so beautiful.  Jade Hills is one of the most beautiful farms in our area.
The gorgeous rolling hills and wonderful barns are just a part of the beauty.
We arrived at Jade Hill's Farm the next morning and Catherine greeted us and immediately let each of the 3 teenagers lead out a horse for a photo.  Look how big these Percheron's are!
Look at Miss Monica.....I think she likes this horse!
Every year the owner's of Jade Hills Farms give Santa a ride in the Springfield Christmas parade on this beautiful wagon.
They also have some cool horse cart and wagons.
The tack they use for showing their Percheron's has to be custom made and is extremely expensive.  These cost about $6,000.00 each and they have 6 of them.
Everyone enjoyed seeing the babies.....these guys are about 4 months old....
Our friend Bud found a special friend!

Megan, Michael and Monica at one of the barn entrances.
The entire Spous Family by one of the carts.
We enjoyed our visit to Jade Hills Farm and we especially enjoyed our visit with our friends from across the ocean!
Oh!  And if you think you might like to own a Percheron........
just call the number on the sign......and be willing to part with $4-$6 grand, because these beauties aren't cheap!


  1. Beautiful horses, and a great tour for your friends from over the pond!

  2. How wonderful! And what a beautiful farm and horses. I've seen you at Della's and wanted to stop by and say hello! Hugs!

  3. What a treat! It's as if we were there, too! And I know your friends and family will forever remember this wonderful visit with you!

  4. Jade Hills Farm looks like a perfect way to spend the day. Those horses are beautiful. It looks like you live in a Norman Rockwell town :)

  5. What an amazing farm. How wonderful to have neighbors like that. Those horses are beautiful. That is a visit that your British friends will always remember. It's the people and experiences like that we tend to cherish from our travels. I loved the family picture and the last of photo the horse too... beautiful! You were a great hostess!

  6. So much fun! My girls would love it there.

  7. You sure know how to entertain guests! Any time you can keep three teens happy is a blessing. The photography was great!

  8. What a great way to entertain your guests! That a once in a lifetime, close up view for them. I do want one of those colts! Think it will fit in the chicken pen? ~ Maureen

  9. Okay, I was thinking about adopting a chicken or two (because we are a right to farm state, and I miss my chickens), but now I'm thinking about a horse. After all, our backyard is about 15 feet by 45 feet AND we have the garden house for the horse to sleep in. And do you have pumpkins? Because maybe I could use a few of those, too.

  10. I would have loved that tour as well - what a great idea. Those horses are huge!! lol

  11. I tell you, if Jade Hills Farm was that close to us, my daughter Izzy would be in heaven!
    Some day I would love to move to a place similar to where you are. Someday....

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! And looks like your busy season is rapidly approaching. Hayrides and pumpkins! How fun :)


  13. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. What a fun way to entertain your friends with a personal tour...love the photos, the horses are beautiful.