Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's no secret that trying to beat the heat in the Midwest this summer has been an almost impossible task.  But since we lost several trees during the ice storm, just getting some inexpensive shade on my deck has been a challenge.  I've tried an umbrella, only to find that it's terribly wind susceptible. I ordered an expensive shade sail, which did work, to an extent, but it only provided shade while the sun was directly overhead and my bigger problem was western sun exposure later in the day.   I finally found a solution that was about $100.00 and doesn't look too bad.
While shopping the garden department at Wal-mart one day I stumbled on to just the solution I needed.  This is called a "Grill Canopy" and is meant for shading your grill.  It sells for $88.
Now I never thought about my grill needing shade, honestly, but I was craving some for myself and this looked like it would be a good place to start.  I brought it home and Sam assembled it and put it up on the deck for me, with the stipulation that securing it from the wind was going to be critical.  Here are a couple of views so you can get an idea of the size of it.
It's tall enough to stand up under and the back slants downward, which makes it perfect for my plan!
 I picked up a couple of those cheap roll-up blinds from Lowe's and they were on sale for $9 a piece.  Awesome!  Using just some zip ties, I fastened them on to the west side of the canopy.

I could have used just one large one, but the sun moves (duh!) and I also wanted to be able to pass through easily as my stairs are right there on the west end.
Check it out!

You can see already how much sun it blocks!  Hallelujah! You can also see that I added some very ugly sand bags to the base to help secure it during wind.  (I'll have to figure out a great way cute those up a little!)  Now just add a few plants...
And maybe a water feature......
Maybe some more plants and an over-sized dragonfly....
And now I have a perfect place to sit and relax, drink a glass of wine and just enjoy the shade!  Yay!

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  1. That looks great! I'm in the midwest too and I can't believe it's been so hot here! We're finally getting some cooler weather, I hope you are too!

  2. Yeah, I never thought a grill might need shade either, lol. Looks fabulous and so practical, perfect kind of project.

  3. A grill shade!?! Now I heard everything! This looks great, Danni. I love the way you found a whole garden of shade-lovers to decorate the new/old deck. Love the way you made Sam stand under it to show its height!

    Did your English friends enjoy their visit? Do you have a post about the visit? I am just plain nosy!

  4. Perfect! Just the right size to be cozy, and I love your "exit strategy" with the blinds. I'd say you have exactly what you needed to hide from the sun in relaxing comfort.

  5. That grill cover seems like a great idea! Never seen that before. We're going through the same thing trying out ways to shade an area on our patio. Right now we have what's called an "off-set" umbrella and it seems like it's going to take-off with the wind, even though it's weighted down. I don't feel comfortable sitting under it on breezy days. I'm going to Walmart to check out what you have. Thanks!

  6. This is so cool Danni! I would love to have one too. You enjoy your shade :)

  7. You came up with a very nice looking solution :)

  8. You are BRILLIANT. What a great solution.

    If your grill finds out that it was originally intended to be a grill canopy, will your grill be jealous? Are you worried, one day, you may come out to your deck and find your grill under it, enjoying the shade :)

  9. Danni,

    You definitely have created the perfect place!


  10. This is fabulous! Smart thinking! I didn't even know they made grill canopy's.

  11. So this must mean your husband is hot when he grills right? Smok'in I bet!


  12. Finally catching up on blog reading . Great Job ! It's perfect ! Now I hope you are enjoying wine on that deck !