Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Check This Blogger Out!!

Every now and then I like to share or feature someone who inspires me.  Today is one of those times.

I want to introduce you to a very young, talented blogger I admire.  Sometimes I get pleasantly lost in her blog, just kind of poking around.  Meet Margaret from Chica es Artistica:
Margaret is a teenager and don't be fooled by her age because she is a serious up and comer in the blogging world....definitely one to watch.  Her blog is fresh, witty, inspiring and just plain fun!   
Here is what she says about herself on her blog:

I'm sort of your average teenage girl.
Yeah, I do I love clothes, shopping, and make-up but I also love chocolate, indie romance movies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, crafting, photography, sewing, writing, being barefoot, nature, cream soda dum dums, chickens, summer, and did I mention chocolate?
I grew up to Simon and Garfunkel and black and white movies.
Since then I've moved onto country music and color movies, though.
I'm a big sister and a mama to my many chickens.
Brown haired, blue eyed me, Margaret. I'm a high schooler who is semi-fluent in Spanish and sarcasm.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes. I have no idea who said them.
"Hard work beats talent 100% of the time."
"If something big makes you unhappy, rely on the small things to make you happy once again."

Isn't she the cutest?  Seriously.  When I asked her to pick some of her favorite projects to show you she said, "Gosh it's really so hard to pick! I feel like the others are getting excluded. *sigh*."

Oh to be so young again!!  Here are the projects she chose (with a few comments from me).
You can click on the highlighted link to read more about any of these projects and I encourage you to do so. 
She made one for her mom for Mother's Day!

But check out what she put in it! 
Rolls of ribbon....a girl after my own heart!

It's reversible!  She used her cute sister for a model here.
(Just a note....I think her photography is awesome too!)

Now that I've shown you projects she's the proudest of, let me show you some of her work that I love.
Click HERE to find out what this cute wall art she created is made of!

(If my daughter had made her own room decor....oh the money I would have saved!)

I really enjoyed reading this short but fun story about how her parents met.

How cute is that???!!!

Just a few final things I'd like to say about Margaret and her blog,
I love that she's funny! She makes me smile every time I read her blog.  She's also not afraid to tell you what she did wrong with a project or what she'd do different the next time.  She loves her family.  I find that refreshing in a teenage girl these days!  She's been blogging a lot longer than I have and I want her to get some of the credit I think she so deserves. So please, stop over and visit her blog.  Leave her some comment love and let her know you support her in her adventure into this great big blog world.  If you like what you see, follow her for some great project inspiration and some refreshingly fun reading.  I'm telling you....if she keeps at it the way she's going, she'll hit the big time for sure!

Awesome blog go girl!!
You inspire me.
Thanks for letting me feature you here on my humble blog!


  1. This is a great post. I am definitely on my way over to check out Margaret's blog.

  2. What a wonderful recommondation! Thanks so much dear Danni!

  3. What a thoughtful post, Danni! On my way over to check out Margaret's Blog, Chica es Artistica! Thanks for sharing!

  4. One of my first ever guest posts was on Margaret's blog =) Great feature!

  5. I'm heading over to check her out! ~ Maureen

  6. How very nice of you to share this talented young woman with your readers