Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloggers I Admire - Sunny at Life In ReHab

This week on "Bloggers I Admire" I'm featuring someone whose blog I was reading before I even really knew what a blog or blogger was!  I was really nervous to even ask her if I could feature her.  (I don't know why, because she is super nice.)  But in my mind and probably in many, she's a ROCK STAR!  She's been blogging since 2009 and her features are vast....I mean like everywhere!  In the craft blog world, she's an ALL STAR!!  If you don't already know her, please let me tell you, I'm happy and thrilled to introduce you to Sunny, from Life In Rehab!!

If I could pick anyone I wanted to be my neighbor, it would definitely be Sunny.  But then she would probably move, because her yard is so cute, I would never leave and she's so funny, I would always be hanging around waiting to see what she says and does next!  If she went anywhere, I'd be wanting to go along because she can make a trip to Target hilarious!  Yeah, I guess if she lived anywhere near me I would be her stalker. (Just as an example of her great sense of humor....when I commented on how I loved that she wore bright colors as well as used them in her projects, her response was, "I'm a rubber nose short of a clown suit."!!)

I asked Sunny to share her top 3 favorite posts here (to which I've added one or two of her funny lines) and then I'll show you a few of her posts that I adore.  The first post she sent me went viral on Pinterest with over 100,000 views.
"We made some! It was either that or skip the next mortgage payment!"

"Okay, I already had 16 cinder blocks on hand. I'm a little bit redneck, don't ask. I'm sometimes surprised my dog has more than three legs."

"My storage obsession started here with large boxes disguised as Tiffany packages. You didn't need new stuff. You needed a free afternoon."

And now, just a few of my favorites!! (So hard to pick just a few!)

This is one of my all time favorites and I have saved jars forever just for this:
Solar Jar #2
To see 2 more versions of this click HERE and HERE

She made a really easy outdoor fountain that I l-o-v-ed:
 Fountainhead Revisited

Sunny does a little cooking too!  I'm making this Yo Quiero Lasagna this weekend!

Her children are so awesome!  They appear in her blog regularly and I'm pretty sure they all have her sense of humor!  She calls them her "minions" and they help her all the time!  If she ever needs a break from them, she can send them right here to me, because I could use some hard-working kids with  a sense of humor!  Here is a pic of them she used for the above lasagna post:
Aren't they the best??  I'm thinking of putting up pictures of them in my house and calling them my "Faux Family"!! Seriously, when my kids were teenagers they would have died before dressing up funny for a blog pic, and at the mere mention of project assistance, they just vaporized!  Sunny, you must be one awesome mom for your kids to want to hang out with you and help you so much!
You have weathered a house fire, hurricanes and illness and blogged through it all! 
You are a ROCKSTAR in my book any day!!
Thank you for all of the inspiration and all of the morning laughs and especially for letting me feature you here on my little blog today!!
Readers, please, go check out Sunny at Life In Rehab and see what kind of humor she's serving up and what awesome projects she has that will inspire you!  I promise, even if you just browse her homepage sidebars, you will laugh!


  1. Hi Danni!
    Well, we're all blushing and fanning ourselves over, what a write up! I've asked both of my readers to pop over here to visit you as well. Thanks again for featuring us!

  2. What a funny post. I feel like I have been kept in the dark about Life in Rehab...but know that I have been let in on how fabulous and funny she is, I am off to check her out...and, perhaps, I should send her a clown nose from Grace's birthday party :)

  3. Hi Danni - What a great feature! I'm headed over to check out her blog! Hope you're having a great day/night!

  4. I'm already laughing at you laughing at her laughing so I better head on over there! Thanks for the tip. ~ Maureen

  5. Danni, luv the humour in your post and I'm happy your dog has more that 3 legs ;-) Those solar jars are really neat and looks super simple. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How did I not know about Sunny before ? Thanks for the intro , I am definately heading over to check her out !

  7. hi!i went over to check it out but there is no way to get the blog in the e-mail.i would love to follow along.i need the laugh.

    1. I checked out Sunny's site and it looks like she has a couple of other feed options available. You are a "no-reply" blogger, so I couldn't reply to you via email. You might want to change that in your set-up so it's easier for people to respond. I do hope you can read Sunny's blog...she's just hilarious!